The Fr. Joseph Hahn and Arthur Kong Award for Best Defense
Sponsored by Rita Shugart (USA)

Year   Winners
2002   Tony Forrester (England)


The okBridge Award for a Junior

Year   Winners
2002   Mikhail Krasnosselski (Russia)


The Levendaal Award for Best Play by a Junior

Year   Winners
1997   Morten Lund Madsen (Denmark)


Sportsman of the Year - Also known as Sporting Award
This award is known as the John E. Simon Award. This award has been suspended and is temporarily inactive. Mr. John E. Simon, of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in 1897 and died in 1993. He was named an ACBL Honorary Member and was Life Master #641. He donated this award for presenting the best sportsmanship at the bridge table.

Year Person Awarded
1973 Omar Sharif, France
1974 Alan Sontag, USA
1975 George Rosenkranz, Mexico
1976 Lord Glenkinglas, Sir timothy Kitson, Rt Hon. Jarold Lever MP, Great Britain
1977 Maurits Caransa, Netherlands
1978 No Award was presented
1979 Steve Landen, USA
1985 Irving Litvack and Joey Silver, Canada
1997 Lynn Deas - Source: Bulletin 3, Fall NABC. Presented by Henry Francis.


Best Defended Hand of the Year- The ITES Best Defended Hand of the Year

Year   Winners
2005   Donna Compton, IBPA Bulletin No 486. Page 14


The Alan Truscott Memorial Award for Special Achievement

2005: 37th World Team Championships, Bulletin 13, Friday, November 4, 2005, Page 4, IBPA ANNUAL AWARDS 2005

IBPA has announced a new award this year, to be awarded periodically to a person who has made a significant contribution to bridge and bridge journalists.

Year   Winners
2005   Bill Bailey, USA


The IBPA Honour Member of the Year

Year   Honour Member of the Year
2005   George Rosenkranz, Mexico


The Digital Fountain Hand of the Year
Sponsored by Digital Fountain. The Chief Executive Officer and President is Mr. Cliff Meltzer, the husband of Rose Meltzer, who in Paris, 2001, became the first woman to win the Bermuda Bowl.

Year   Person Awarded   Journalist Reporting
2002   Sebastian Kristensen (Denmark)   Otto Charles Pedersen (Denmark)