The following ladies and gentlemen have served as the Presidents of the organizations which evolved into the American Contract Bridge League. They have given their time, their energy, their administrative skills, and their devotion to establish a unity among the many bridge players in North America and around the world.

They deserve our recognition, our admiration, and our thanks for all their efforts, their time, and their works.

If any bridge player reviewing this web page has any picture of a bridge player not shown here and would like to contribute that picture for the completion of this web page, we would greatly appreciate this contribution.

USBA United States Bridge Association
1932-1934 Milton C. Work
1935-1937 Ely Culbertson
ABL American Bridge League
1927 Ralph R. Richards
1928 Henry P. Jaeger
1929 Robert W. Halpin
1930 Clayton W. Aldrich
1932 Captain Fred G. French
1933 Waldemar K. von Zedtwitz
1934 Sir Derrick J. Wernher
1934 Raymond H. Eisenlord
1935 Louis J. Haddad
1936 H. Huber Boscowitz
1937 Gordon M. Gibbs
ACBL American Contract Bridge League
1937 Gordon M. Gibbs
  Mr. Gordon M. Gibbs had the unique distinction of being the person, who served as the last President of the American Bridge League and also as the first President of the newly formed American Contract Bridge League.
1938 Nate B. Spingold
1939 James H. Lemon
1940 Elmer J. Babin
1941 Robert J. Gill
1942 Morgan Howard
1943 Albert H. Morehead
1944 Richmond H. Skinner
1945 George A. Alderton, II
1946 Benjamin M. Golder
1947 Raymond J. McGrover
1948 Waldemar K. von Zedtwitz
1949 Dr. Louis Mark
1950 Rufus L. Miles, Jr.
1951 Julius L. Rosenblum
1952 Joseph Cohan
1953 Benjamin O. Johnson
1954 Peter A. Leventritt
1955 Jefferson Glick
1956 Rufus L. Miles, jr.
1957 Joseph G. Ripstra
1958 Charles J. Solomon
1959 Winslow Randall
1960 Frank T. Westcott
1961 James P. Ferguson
1962 Max Manchester
1963 Jerry M. Lewis
1964 Leo Seewald
1965 Robin B. MacNab
1966 Eilif Andersen
1967 John W. Norwood
1968 Joseph J. Stedem
1969 Edgar G. Theus
1970 William A. Baldwin
1971 Carl Rubin
1972 Percy X. Bean
1973 Jerome R. Silverman
1974 Ruth McConnell
1975 Lewis L. Mathe
1976 Donald Oakie
1977 Louis S. Gurvich
1978 Walter K. O'Loughlin
1979 Leo J. Spivack
1980 Ira G. Corn, Jr.
1981 James E. Zimmerman
1982 Sydney A. Levey, Jr.
1983 William Gross
1984 Douglas Drew
1985 Chris Wilson
1986 Tommy Sanders
1987 Bobby Wolff
1988 Herb Smith
1989 Phyllis Smith
1990 Ed Gould
1991 David McGee
1992 Joan Levy Gerard
1993 Barbara Nudelman
1994 Virgil Anderson
1995 Cecil Cook
1996 Dudley Brown
1997 Howard Piltch
1998 Richard Anderson
1999 Val Covalciuc
2000 Jim Kirkham
2001 Jim Kirkham
2002 George Retek - Canadian
2003 Al Levy
2004 Bruce Reeve
2005 Roger L. Smith
2006 Harriette Buckman - (aka Harriet Buckman)
2007 Sharon Fairchild
2008 Dan Morse
2009 William Arlinghaus - (aka Bill Arlinghaus)
2010 Richard DeMartino
2011 Craig Robertson
2012 Sharon Anderson
2013 Donald Mamula
2014 Phyllis Harlan