The International Bridge Press Association, referred to as the IBPA, this is a worldwide organization of bridge writers, mostly professional, and whose reports, series and articles appear in newspapers and magazines and other publications around the world, where bridge tournaments and bridge events occur. This group also includes authors, radio hosts and even television hosts. In order to become a part of this prestigious organization, membership is required.

The European Bridge Press, or the EBP, founded in 1958 at the Oslo 1958 European Championships by the jounalists, was created first to represent these goals of reporting bridge events and eventually evolved into the Internation Bridge Press Association. At the first Olympiad, played in 1960 in Turin, Italy, so many journalists from around the world joined in the cause and thus the organization was renamed.

The International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) is a world-wide web group. IBPA has more than 300 members in all corners of the world. Its main objective is to assist bridge journalists in their bridge-related professional activities.

IBPA liaises with the World Bridge Federation, its zonal organizations, national contract bridge organizations, and other bodies, in order to achieve good working conditions for members. Bridge writers can apply for full membership, others can join as an associate member.

The attempt has been made to collect as much data as possible about the time and effort of these bridge players and professionals, who bring the news to all other bridge players around the world for their information and enjoyment. In some years the awards are not presented for all the categories.


The previous Presidents of the International Bridge Press Association are listed below:

Year IBPA President
1958-1959 Guy Ramsey
1960-1964 Ranik Halle
1964-1970 Jack Kelly
1970-1981 Richard Frey
1981-1986 Alan Truscott
1986-1991 Rene Ducheyne
1991-1996 Tommy Sandsmark
1996-2003 Henry Francis
2003 - present Patrick Joudain


Main Features of the IBPA

The main features of the International Bridge Press Association include many of the following items, but are not restricted to only those listed.

1. Negotiations with tournament organizers to improve working conditions and accessibility of information to the bridge press and press in general.
2. Establishing closer cooperation with national and international bridge organizations.
3. Publication of hand collections such as Bridge Writer's Choice, Bols Tips, and Fit For A King.
4. The establishment and presentation of annual awards for accomplishments in various fields of bridge.
5. The dissemination of news bulletins to members and associate members via the written word and computers.
6. The sponsorship of bridge promotions.


Note: The attempt has been made to include the winners of the various awards presented by the International Bridge Press Association. As the organization evolves new Awards are added if deemed pertinent. Many of the Awards are sponsored by companies, individuals, and involved persons.

Best Bid Hand of the Year - The George Rosenkranz Romex Award - The Romex Award for Best Auction
The Romex Award is donated annually by Mr. George Rosenkranz of Mexico, who is the author of the Romex System of bidding.
The Winning Journalist is listed from the year 1987.
Sponsored by George Rosenkranz (Mexico)

Year Persons Awarded Winning Journalists
1975/1976 Matt Granovetter and Ron Rubin (USA)
1976/1977 Gabino Cintra and Christiano Fonseca (Brazil)
1977/1978 Eric Kokish and Peter Nagy (Canada)
1978/1979 Chip Martel and Lew Stansby (USA)
1979/1980 Kyle Larsen and Ron von der Porten (USA)
1980/1981 Knud-Aage Boesgaard and Peter Schaltz (Denmark)
1981/1982 The Award was not presented in this year
1982/1983 Zia Mahmoud and Masood Salim (Pakistan)
1983/1984 Benito Garozzo and Giorgio Belladonna (Italy)
1984/1985 Steve Cooper and Wayne Timms
1985/1986 Hugh Ross and Peter Pender (USA)
1986/1987 Zia Mahmoud (Pakistan) Winning Journalist
1987/1988 Allan Graves and George Mittleman (Canada) Sue Emery (USA)
1988/1989 Sven-Akke Bjerregard and Anders Morath (Sweden) Sven-Olov Flodquist (Sweden)
1989/1990 Andy Robson and John Pottage (Great Britain) Patrick Jourdain (Great Britain)
1990/1991 Edgar Kaplan and Brian Glubok (USA) Allan Falk (USA)
1991/1992 Jorma Valta and Jouni Juuri-Oja (Finland) Patrick Jourdain (Great Britain)
1992/1993 Tom Sanders and Bill Pollack (USA) Dick Kaplan (USA)
1993/1994 Shakiat and Pobsit (Thailand) Amran Zamzami (Indonesia)
1994/1995 Larry Cohen and David Berkowitz (USA) Alfred Sheinwold (USA)
1995/1996 Derek Patterson and Pat Collins (Great Britain) Brian Callaghan (Great Britain)
1996/1997 Chip Martel and Lew Stansby (USA) Brent Manley (USA)
1997/1998 Sylvie Willard and Gerard Tissot (France) Philippe Cronier (France)
1998/1999 Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness (Norway) Patrick Jourdain (Great Britain)
1999/2000 Larry Cohen and David Berkowitz (USA) Paul Linxwiler (USA)
2001/2002 Anton Maas and Bep Vriend (The Netherlands)  
2003/2004 Bart Bramley and Sidney Lazard (USA)  
2005/2006 Paul Hackett  


Personality of the Year
This Award is presented annually by the International Bridge Press Association and was known as The Charles H. Goren Award until 1989. Beginning in the year 1990, the award has been strictly an award presented by the International Bridge Press Association.

Year Person    
1973/1974 André Lemaitre (Belgium) 1974/1975 Julius L Rosenblum (USA)
1975/1976 Rixi Markus (Great Britain) 1976/1977 Herman Filarski (Netherlands)
1977/1978 Jaime Ortiz-Patino (Switzerland) 1978/1979 Edgar Kaplan (USA)
1979/1980 Amalya L. Kearse (USA) 1980/1981 Deng Xiaoping (China)
1981/1982 Albert Dormer (Great Britain) 1982/1983 Oswald Jacoby (USA)
1983/1984 Easley Blackwood (USA) 1984/1985 Barry Crane (USA) Awarded Posthumously
1985/1986 José Damiani (France) 1986/1987 Kathie Wei (USA)
1987/1988 Helene Lemaitre (Belgium) 1988/1989 No Award was presented
1989/1990 Eloene Griggs (USA) 1990/1991 André Boekhorst (Netherlands)
1991/1992 Evelyn Senn-Gorter (Netherlands) 1992/1993 Hugh W Kelsey (Great Britain)
1993/1994 Ernesto d'Orsi (Brazil) 1994/1995 Panos Gerontopoulos (Greece)
1995/1996 Geir Helgemo (Norway) 1996/1997 Matthew Clegg (USA)
1997/1998 Paul Chemla (France) 1998/1999 Marc Hodler (Switzerland)
1999/2000 Anna Gudge (Great Britain)
2005/2006 Fred Gitelman


Best Article or Series on a System or Convention - The Precision Award
The Precision Award was donated by C.C. Wei and after his death continued to be donated by his widow, Kathie Wei, presently Kathie Wei-Sender.

Year Person Awarded Winning Journalist
1973/1974 Charles H. Goren (USA)
1974/1975 Eric Kokish (Canada)
1975/1976 George Rosenkranz (Mexico)
1976/1977 Jeff Rubens (USA)
1977/1978 Kit Woolsey (USA)
1978/1979 Jeff Rubens (USA)
1979/1980 Ed Mansfield and Kenneth Lebensold (USA)
1980/1981 Eddie Kantar (USA)
1981/1982 Jeff Rubens (USA)
1982/1983 Ed Manfield (USA)
1983/1984 Bruce Neill (New Zealand)
1984/1985 Sven-Olov flodquist and Anders Morath (Sweden

The Wei-Sender Award
The Precision Award was renamed in the year 1985 to the Wei-Sender
Award and was presented to honor the best Defensive Play of the Year.
Kathie Wei-Sender renamed the award in honor of her husband,
Mr. Henry Sender of Nashville, Tennessee.

1985/1986 Bob Hamman (USA)
1986/1987 Michel Lebel (France) Winning Journalist
1987/1988 Primo Levi (Italy) Paolo Frendo (Italy)
1988/1989 Dung Duong (Switzerland) Jean-Paul Meyer (France)
1989/1990 Vladis Plenieks (Latvia) Uno Viignad (Estonia)
1990/1991 Geir Helgemo (Norway) Tommy Sandsmark (Norway)
1991/1992 Mike Passell (USA) Phillip Alder (USA)
1992/1993 Bob Hamman (USA) Brent Manley (USA)
1993/1994 Gabriel Chagas (Brazil) Alan Truscott (USA)
1994/1995 Zia Mahmood (USA) Alan Truscott (USA)
1995/1996 Larry Cohen and David Berkowitz (USA) Jan van Cleeff (Netherlands)
1996/1997 Gunnar Hallberg (Sweden) Robert Sheehan (Great Britain)
1997/1998 Geir Helgemo (Norway) Patrick Jourdain (Great Britain)
1998/1999 Andrew Robson (Great Britain) Philip King (Great Britain)

Carey Limousine Award
Mr. George Jacobs, representing the Carey Limousine Corporation,
assumed the sponsorship of the Best Defense of the Year Award
in the year 2000.

1999/2000 Roger Lie and Terje Lie (Sweden) Anders Brunzell (Sweden)
2003/2004 Eric Greco and Geoff Hampson (USA) Authors: Larry Cohen and Alan Truscott


The Fr. Joseph Hahn and Arthur Kong Award for Best Defense
Sponsored by Rita Shugart (USA)

Year   Winners
2002   Tony Forrester (England)


The okBridge Award for a Junior

Year   Winners
2002   Mikhail Krasnosselski (Russia)


The Levendaal Award for Best Play by a Junior

Year   Winners
1997   Morten Lund Madsen (Denmark)


Sportsman of the Year - Also known as Sporting Award
This award is known as the John E. Simon Award. This award has been suspended and is temporarily inactive. Mr. John E. Simon, of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in 1897 and died in 1993. He was named an ACBL Honorary Member and was Life Master #641. He donated this award for presenting the best sportsmanship at the bridge table.

Year Person Awarded
1973 Omar Sharif, France
1974 Alan Sontag, USA
1975 George Rosenkranz, Mexico
1976 Lord Glenkinglas, Sir timothy Kitson, Rt Hon. Jarold Lever MP, Great Britain
1977 Maurits Caransa, Netherlands
1978 No Award was presented
1979 Steve Landen, USA
1985 Irving Litvack and Joey Silver, Canada
1997 Lynn Deas - Source: Bulletin 3, Fall NABC. Presented by Henry Francis.


Best Defended Hand of the Year- The ITES Best Defended Hand of the Year

Year   Winners
2005   Donna Compton, IBPA Bulletin No 486. Page 14


The Alan Truscott Memorial Award for Special Achievement

2005: 37th World Team Championships, Bulletin 13, Friday, November 4, 2005, Page 4, IBPA ANNUAL AWARDS 2005

IBPA has announced a new award this year, to be awarded periodically to a person who has made a significant contribution to bridge and bridge journalists.

Year   Winners
2005   Bill Bailey, USA


The IBPA Honour Member of the Year

Year   Honour Member of the Year
2005   George Rosenkranz, Mexico


The Digital Fountain Hand of the Year
Sponsored by Digital Fountain. The Chief Executive Officer and President is Mr. Cliff Meltzer, the husband of Rose Meltzer, who in Paris, 2001, became the first woman to win the Bermuda Bowl.

Year   Person Awarded   Journalist Reporting
2002   Sebastian Kristensen (Denmark)   Otto Charles Pedersen (Denmark)