This is an honorary title accompanied by an award of $1,000 presented annually to a graduating high school senior, who is also a Junior ACBL member for outstanding tournament performance plus administrative, recreational and promotional activities related to bridge. The title originally went to the high school senior with the most masterpoints. Established 1973 the award is presented by the ACBL Educational Foundation, which administers the International Palace of Sports Foundation, and includes the $1,000 Homer Shoop and International Palace of Sports Scholarship.

This award should not be confused with the J. Homer Shoop Pre-teen Scholarship Award. The J.Homer Shoop Pre-teen Scholarship Award is awarded to a Junior player under 13 who demonstrates solid achievement in bridge, and is an active participant in ACBL competition. ACBL members who have not celebrated their 13th birthday before July 1 of the contest year and who have at least one full masterpoint on record are eligible for the Preteen Scholarship Award, which is a 10-year maturity $5,000 certificate to be used for academic or career training. This scholarship was founded in the year 1973 by Mr. J. Homer Shoop and is administered by the ACBL Educational Foundation.

The following parameters apply to both the Queen and the King:

The following list shows the recipients of this award from 1973, the year of its inception. If the winner is a female bridge player, then she becomes the Queen of Bridge for that year. If the winner is a male bridge player, then he becomes the King of Bridge for that year. Never shall the Queen of Bridge and the King of Bridge reign together in the same year. The Realm of Bridge may have only either a Queen or a King, and never both on the throne.

Presentation of the Kings and Queen

1973   J. Merrill
1974   Jeff Meckstroth
1975   Robert Levin
1976   Warren Spector
1977   Marc Franklin
1978   Matthew K. Franklin
1979   Regina Barnes
1980   Tony Marks
1981   Doug Levene - Steve Cochran
1982   Steve Weinstein
1983   Billy Hsieh
1984   James Munday
1985   Adair Gellman
1986   Martha (Bensen) Katz
1987   Richard Pavlicek Jr.
1988   Holly Zullo
1989   Brad Moss
1990   Eric Sutherland
1991   Andrew Moss
1992   Frederic Pollack
1993   Eric Greco
1994   Sam Hirschman
1995   Tony Melucci
1996   Kent Mignocchi
1997   Joel Wooldridge
1998   Josh Heller
1999   Ari Greenberg
2000   Gavin Wolpert
2001   Erin Anderson
2002   John Kranyak
2003   Scott Waldron Jr.
2004   Robert Glickman
2005   David Banh
2006   Sam Katz
2007   Andrew Dubay
2008   Jeremy Koegel
2009   Nicolas Flores
2010   Tom Walsh, Adam Grossack
2011   Blake Sanders
2012   Murphy Green
2013   John Altman
2014   Adam Kaplan, Allison Hunt
2015   Amber Lin
2016   Burke Snowden