Best Played Hand of the Year

The International Bridge Press Association, referred to as the IBPA, this is a worldwide organization of bridge writers, mostly professional, and whose reports, series and articles appear in newspapers and magazines and other publications around the world, where bridge tournaments and bridge events occur. This group also includes authors, radio hosts and even television hosts. In order to become a part of this prestigious organization, membership is required.

The European Bridge Press, or the EBP, founded in 1958 at the Oslo 1958 European Championships by the jounalists, was created first to represent these goals of reporting bridge events and eventually evolved into the Internation Bridge Press Association. At the first Olympiad, played in 1960 in Turin, Italy, so many journalists from around the world joined in the cause and thus the organization was renamed.

The International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) is a world-wide web group. IBPA has more than 300 members in all corners of the world. Its main objective is to assist bridge journalists in their bridge-related professional activities.

IBPA liaises with the World Bridge Federation, its zonal organizations, national contract bridge organizations, and other bodies, in order to achieve good working conditions for members. Bridge writers can apply for full membership, others can join as an associate member.

The attempt has been made to collect as much data as possible about the time and effort of these bridge players and professionals, who bring the news to all other bridge players around the world for their information and enjoyment. In some years the awards are not presented for all the categories.

Previous Presidents of the International Bridge Press Association

Year IBPA President
1958-1959 Guy Ramsey
1960-1964 Ranik Halle
1964-1970 Jack Kelly
1970-1981 Richard Frey
1981-1986 Alan Truscott
1986-1991 Rene Ducheyne
1991-1996 Tommy Sandsmark
1996-2003 Henry Francis
2003 - present Patrick Jourdain

Main Features of the International Bridge Press Association

The main features of the International Bridge Press Association include many of the following items, but are not restricted to only those listed.

1. Negotiations with tournament organizers to improve working conditions and accessibility of information to the bridge press and press in general.
2. Establishing closer cooperation with national and international bridge organizations.
3. Publication of hand collections such as Bridge Writer's Choice, Bols Tips, and Fit For A King.
4. The establishment and presentation of annual awards for accomplishments in various fields of bridge.
5. The dissemination of news bulletins to members and associate members via the written word and computers.
6. The sponsorship of bridge promotions.

Note: The attempt has been made to include the winners of the various awards presented by the International Bridge Press Association. As the organization evolves new Awards are added if deemed pertinent. Many of the Awards are sponsored by companies, individuals, and involved persons.


Note: Also known as the Le Bridgeur Award for the Best Play of the Year. Also known as the C. R. Motors Best Played Hand of the Year, an American national corporation selling automobiles.

Note: The first award was presented in the year 1973. The winning journalist was co-listed beginning in the year 1987.

Note: The country of the player and also the winning journalist are both entered in parentheses.

Year Charles J. Solomon Award Winning Journalist
1973/1974 José le Dentu (France)
1974/1975 Benito Garozzo (Italy)
1975/1976 Tim Seres (Australia)
1976/1977 Harold Ogust (USA)
1977/1978 Dominique Pilon (France)
1978/1979 Maurizio Sementa (no data)
1979/1980 Benito Garozzo (Italy)
1980/1981 Andrzej Wilkosz (Poland)
1981/1982 Lajos Linczmayer (Hungary)
1982/1983 Claude Delmouly (France)
1983/1984 Zia Mahmoud (Pakistan)
1984/1985 Wan Li (China)
1985/1986 Henri Svarc (France)
1986/1987 Jon Andreas Stoevneng (Norway) Winning Journalist
1987/1988 Trond Rogne (Nor) Knut Kjarnsrod (Norway)
1988/1989 Kerri Shuman (USA) Alan Truscott (USA)
1989/1990 Miss Raczynska (Poland) Guy Dupont (France)
1990/1991 Shmuel Friedman (Israel) Jos Jacobs (Netherlands)
1991/1992 Elizabeth McGowan (Great Britain) Barry Rigal (Great Britain)
1992/1993 Peter Schaltz (Denmark) Villy Dam (Denmark)
1993/1994 Hervé Mouiel (France) Jean-Paul Meyer (France)
1994/1995 Philippe Cronier (France) Patrick Jourdain (Great Britain)
1995/1996 Wubbo de Boer (Netherlands) Eric Kokish (Canada)
1996/1997 Geir Helgemo (Norway) Edgar Kaplan (USA) Awarded posthumously
1997/1998 Jeff Meckstroth (USA) Jean-Paul Meyer (France)
1998/1999 Jeff Meckstroth (USA) Omar Sharif (Egypt)
1999/2000 Vincent Ramondt (Netherlands) Jos Jacobs (Netherlands)
2000/2001 David Berkowitz (USA) Jody Latham (USA)
2001/2002 Sebastian Kristensen (Denmark) Otto Charles Pedersen (Denmark)
2002/2003 Geir Helgemo (Norway) Geir Olav Tislevoll (Norway)
2003/2004 Cezary Balicki (Poland) Eric Kokish (Canada)
2004/2005 Bill Petis (USA) Roy Welland (USA)
2005/2006 Tarek Sadek (Egypt) Brent Manley (USA)
2006/2007 Alfredo Versace (Italy) Marek Wojcicki (Poland)
2007/2008 Giorgio Duboin (Italy) Mark Horton (England)
2008/2009 Steve Weinstein (USA) Philip Alder (USA)
2009/2010 Michael Courtney (Australia) Ron Klinger (Australia)
2010/2011 Pierre Zimmermann (Monaco)