For all of those online Bridge Players, who also chat with others, a new and shortened digital language has been developed to spare the fingers from typing out the entire words. Instead, abbreviations have formed to relay the identical information in short form.

Below is a list, definitely not complete, of several terms. Please be aware of the fact that individual online members may have developed their own abbreviations and they have been adopted by an individual online group and may therefore not correspond to another online group.

Any and all printable contributions of online text-messaging or abbreviations from Online Bridgers will be welcomed and appreciated. We shall also attempt to keep this list updated as technology improves and the game of bridge becomes more virtual.

Whether or not the text or abbreviated form is uppercase or lowercase is really not significant. Some recipients may, however, feel shouted at when the sender uses all uppercase letters. Texting in bold letters, regarding of upper or lowercase is considered to be shouting.

Usenet Bridge Abbreviation - Updated 2011

Abbreviations   Translations
ABF   Australian Bridge Federation
AC   Appeals Committee
ACBL   American Contract Bridge League
AI   Authorised information
ArtAS   Artificial Adjusted Score
ArtAS   Artificial Adjusted Score
AssAS   Assigned Adjusted Score
ATF   Across-the-field (matchpointing)
ATTNA   Appeal to the National Authority
BBL   British Bridge League (now defunct)
BGB   Bridge Great Britain
BIT   Break in Tempo
BLML   Bridge-Laws Mailing List
BoD   Board of Directors (ACBL)
BoG   Board of Governors (ACBL)
BOOT   Bid-Out-Of-Turn
BTW   By the way
CD   Convention Disruption
C&E   Conduct and Ethics (often hearings)
CC   Convention card
CHO   Center Hand Opponent
CoC   Conditions of Contest
COOT   Call-Out-Of-Turn
CoP   Code of Practice
CPU   Concealed Partnership Understanding
CTD   Chief Tournament Director
DBF   Danish Bridge Federation
DIC   Director in Charge
DP   Disciplinary Penalty
EBL   European Bridge League
EBU   English Bridge Union
EHAA   Every Hand an Adventure (a system)
F2F   Face-to-Face (to distinguish from Online bridge)
FOLOOT   Faced Opening-Lead-Out-Of-Turn
FSF   Fourth Suit Forcing
GCC   General Convention Chart (ACBL)
HTH   Hope this Helps
HUM   Highly Unusual Method
IB   Insufficient Bid
IBLF   International Bridge Laws Forum
IIRC   If I remember correctly
IMHO   In my humble opinion
LA   Logical Alternative
L&EC   Laws & Ethics Committee (English, Welsh or Scottish)
LHO   Left Hand Opponent
Lnn   Law Number nn
LOL   Little Old Lady (may be of either sex)
LOOT   Lead-Out-Of-Turn
MB   Misbid
ME   Misexplanation
MI   Misinformation
MPC   Major Penalty Card
mPC   Minor Penalty Card
MSC   Master Solvers' Club (The Bridge World)
NA   National Authority
NABC   ACBL North American Bridge Championships
NBB   Nederlandse Bridge Bond (Dutch Bridge League)
NBO   National Bridge Organisation
NCBO   National Contract Bridge Organisation
NG   Newsgroup
NIBU   Northern Ireland Bridge Union
NO   Non-Offender
NOs   Non-Offenders
NOS   Non-Offending Side
NP   No Problem
OBOOT   Opening-Bid-Out-Of-Turn
OKB   OKBridge
OLB   Online Bridge (to distinguish from Face-to-face bridge)
OLOOT   Opening-Lead-Out-Of-Turn
OOT   Out-Of-Turn
Os   Offenders
OS   Offending Side
OTOH   On the other hand
pd   Partner
PLOOT   Play-Out-Of-Turn
POOT   Pass/Play-Out-Of-Turn
PH   Passed Hand
PP   Procedural Penalty
RA   Regulating Authority
RGB   rec.games.bridge (newsgroup)
RGBO   rec.games.bridge.okbridge (newsgroup)
RHO   Right Hand Opponent
RLB   Real Life Bridge (to distinguish from Online bridge)
RoC   Rule of Coincidence
RotG   Rub-of-the-Green (meaning to be lucky, Irish luck)
RoW   Rest of World (apart from North America)
RTFLB   Read the fabulous Law book
SBU   Scottish Bridge Union
SO   Sponsoring Organisation
TBW   The Bridge World Magazine
TD   Tournament Director
TFLB   The fabulous Law book
UI   Unauthorised Information
UPH   Un-Passed Hand
WBF   World Bridge Federation
WBFLC   WBF Laws Committee
WBU   Welsh Bridge Union
WTP   What's the problem
ZO   Zonal Organisation
ZT   Zero Tolerance (for unacceptable behaviour)
Hand Diagrams:
3m   3 Clubs or 3 Diamonds (Minor suits)
3M   3 Hearts or 3 Spades (Major suits)
..3H   3 Hearts after a hesitation, etc.
3H!   3H Alerted, etc.
Cards and Bids:
H3   A card (for example, the 3 of Hearts, etc.)
3H   A bid (for example 3 Hearts, etc.)

The Coded Language of the Keyboard

The coded language of the keyboard is not a mystery, since most of these signs are self-explanatory. Their number is increasing and any contributions will be greatly appreciated. The attempt has been made to provide the most accurate explanation, or translation, but such online symbols change with the times. We hope that the visitor finds them interesting, innovative, and creative.

Signs - Symbols - Texting - Steno
:-)   Smiling, agreeing, compatible
:-D   Laughing
|-)   Ho, ho; he-haw; tiny giggle
|-D   Same as above, only louder
:-]   Smiling blockhead, dolt
:->   Hey, dude; friendly greeting
:-(   Sad, unhappy, boo hoo
:(   Sad only
:-<   Truly sad or unhappy
:-c   Very sad and unhappy
:-C   Saddest and most unhappy
&-|   Teary-eyed, tearful
:'   To cry, crying, shedding tears
:'-(   Crying and sad at the same time
:-|   Grim, dismal, gloomy
:[   Truly down, stressed out
:-[   Pouting, sulking
:'-)   Crying, shedding tears of joy and happiness
'-)   Winking or just kidding
;->   Evil or, more mildly, devilish winking
;-)   Very happy with a little tear; teary-eyed from happiness. Also winking or just kidding
\~/   My glass is full
:*)   Clowning, foolery
:-T   The attempt to keep a straight face, to remain poker-faced
:^D   Wonderful, marvelous, great, I like it!
8-]   Amazement, sort of wow, man! great!
^   A thumbs up. Well done.
^5   High Five
;]   Gleep, or a 'small-time theft'. Also may mean a friendly person wishing to befriend you
>:-<   Angry, mad, enraged, livid
:-||   Angry, truly angry, doubly angry
:-@   Screaming, screaming mad, angriest
:-r   Action of sticking the tongue out
:-,   Smirk, grinning action
:~/   To be confused, mixed up
%-)   Tired, brain-dead, blonde-moment
:-6   Tired, exhausted, brain-dead
(:|   Academic, egghead, intellectual
|-O   Yawning, falling asleep
(::()::)   Bandaid, or the offered intention of assisting or helping
">   What? As in incredulous
:@   What? As in wassup?
:Q   What? As in seriously, what's up?
:-o   oh .... that. As in being surprised
:O   Being shocked, or in a state of shock
8-|   With eyes wide open with shock or surprise
:-/   Skeptical, non-believeing
:-C   Totally unbelieving, utterly non-convincing
|-{   Charlies Brown's Good Grief!!
:-*   Oops, as in sorry
\-o   State of being bored, not interested
][   Feeling separate, not together
] [   Totally apart, completely separated
) (   Completely separated, not on the same wave-length
{}   Face to face, person to person
()   Feeling together, being in sync and harmony