Yahoo Groups
Bridge Groups have formed on the Internet and have taken on many forms to meet many requirements. Sometimes it is just for the enjoyment of being represented online and sometimes there is pertinent information for those players of a certain geographical area. The News Groups on the Internet have undergone a significant change throughout the years of being connected to cyberspace and a reorganization has taken place.

Yale Two Over One - Yale 2/1
This is a .pdf file explaining the 2/1 bidding method of the Yale College Students. This file can be found at The Bridge Club for Yale College Students under Files and Images. This information has only been archived and preserved in .pdf file format also on this site for future reference.

A hand with no card higher than a nine spot. The term is derived from Lord Yarborough of England, who offered a wager with odds of 1,000 pounds to one against the chance of any player having such a holding. The actual chance of any player holding a hand with no card higher than a nine has been mathematically equated to 1,827 to 1. It was not recorded whether any player actually won the wager.

YEH Online Bridge World Cup
The first tournament was conducted between October 31 and November 2, 2016, in coordination between the World Bridge Federation and Mr. Chen Yeh of China, co-sponsor of the online tournament. The concept of the Yeh Online Bridge World Cup was to showcase bridge as a modern game , pure, using all the technology available to promote a dynamic image, and attract as much media attention as possible.

Note: Mr. José Damiani of the World Bridge Federation.

Note: Partners for the Online Tournament are: The Lavazza company which was founded in Turin, Italy, in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. The Lavazza Company invented the concept of blending, or the art of combining different types of coffee from different geographical areas.

Note: Ourgame also partnered the online tournament. Founded in 1998, Ourgame is a world-leading mind sports operator. On 30 June 2014, Ourgame International Holdings Limited was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.Ourgame is a pioneer of online card and board games. Its development has not only changed the way hundreds of millions card and board game lovers compete, but has also generated momentum that contributes to the sustainability of the card and board game culture. The participating teams are from: Team BBOm Team CCBA, Team YEH, and Team Lavassa.

Note: After three days of around the clock play, which involved the live streaming of images across the Internet from all corners of the globe and live transmissions by BBO and OurGame with voice and written commentary by the world's best analysts it was Lavazza who emerged triumphant in the Yeh Online Bridge World Cup. Players are: Maria Teresa Lavazza, Norberto Bocchi, Emanuela Lavazza, Bénédicte Cronier, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, and Sylvie Willard.

Yellow Book
The yellow book was a publication of ACBL, which contained the defenses to Mid-Chart methods such as the Multi 2 Diamonds, etc. This publication is now out of print.

Yellow Island Bidding System
Developed by Mr. Paul Collins and Mr. David Appleton. Dated: April 19, 1999. As described by the authors: Yellow Island was developed one fateful day in the Island coffee shop It is intended to contain both the highly constructive nature of the .pdf file format for future reference.

Yellow Island Bidding System - Opening Bids only.

Yellow Rose of Texas Convention
This conventional method is one of many invented by Mr. Daniel (Danny) Kleinman and this presentation is a contribution of Mr. Danny Kleinman, and which are published in his book called A Cornucopia of Conventions published in the year 1998. This particular conventional method is employed after the partner has opened the auction with 1 No Trump or 2 No Trump, and the partnership agreement is to use also Texas Transfers.

Yeralash - Erelash - Jarolasch
Sometimes also written as Eralash (from the Russian language: Ералаш) this is a Russian trick-taking card game. It is very similar to contract bridge in its nature. The word Eralash means muddle, mess, or jumble in the Russian language. In its modern form it has evolved into a card game for children. The game, in the original form, was / is considered by some a predecessor to the game of bridge, possibly older than biritch or Russian Whist, which is generally considered to be the card game that gave bridge its name.

Note: Mr. Bob van de Velde authored the article Yeralash: of the Discovery of a Missing Link in the IBPA Bulletin, No. 561, in October 2011. This article has only been archived and preserved on this site in .pdf file format for future reference. The student is referred to the published article in the IBPA Bulletin.

Youngest Life Master
At the age of five years old Adam Kaplan became interested in the game of bridge and played with family members, but became intrigued with the game while on a cruise when the bridge director jokingly asked whether he would like to play. Adam Kaplan learned the basics of the game during this cruise and at the tender age of 10 years and 43 days he became the youngest USA Life Master as a member of the ACBL. This occurred at the St. George Duplicate Bridge Club in Port Richey, Florida, in 2006. Source: ACBL Bridge Bulletin, May 2006, Page 23. See: Kaplan, Adam

Youth Bridge Festival - International Youth Bridge Festival
The International Youth Bridge Festival began in 1986 as a cafe bridge tournament, the brainchild of Fons van Bokhoven and Jan Rijnaarts, where team games were played in the cafes of 's-Hertogenbosch, literally The Duke's Forest, (Henry I, Duke of Brabant), colloquially known as Den Bosch. Translated in French as Bois-le-Duc, in German as Herzogenbusch and in Spanish as Bolduque, and which is a municipality in The Netherlands, and also the capital of the province of North Brabant. It is located in the south of The Netherlands, some 80 km south of Amsterdam.

Teams play four-board matches at a cafe and move to another cafe to play their next match. The idea proved so successful and nearly 2,000 pairs participated in 1996. As a result of this success Fons van Bokhoven and Jan Rijnaarts set up the Bridgestad 's-Hertogenbosch Foundation to sponsor Junior bridge activities. The first International Youth Bridge Festival was played in 1993 with seven countries participating. The 1997 festival drew 22 teams, including first-time participants Canada and the U.S.A.

Youth Player of the Year
This event was established in 1990. The annual Youth Masterpoint Race is determined by the number of masterpoints won by members who had not reached their 20th birthday as of December 31 of the preceding year. The first winner was Mr. Brad Moss in 1990. For the following four consecutive years 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 the winner was Mr. Eric Greco.

1990 Brad Moss
1991 Eric Greco
1992 Eric Greco
1993 Eric Greco
1994 Eric Greco
2004 Justin Lall
2006 Jenny Ryman, Thornhill

Yovich's Carrot Club Opening Bids
These opening bids represent the devised and developed version by Mr. Dennis Yovich of Perth, Australia and are based on the Carrot Club bidding system. The inclusion of the Weak Two openings, called Optimal Twos, devised by Mr. Avon Wilsmore, also of Perth, Australia, added to the effectiveness of these opening bids since the real suit was concealed from the opponents and/or showed a particular two-suited distribution.

Yui-Bin-Had Club Opening Bids
These opening bids are named after Mr. Yui-Bin Chen, who is a famous Blackjack and Poker player, among other card games. They employ the opening of 4-card Major suits and very weak 1 No Trump opening. Mr. Yui-Bin Chen, or his fans, developed opening bids for favorable and for non-favorable vulnerability.

Yugoslavia Bridge Federation
Yugoslav Bridge League
This Federation and this League have been eliminated to form new organizations. Please refer to the following links.

Serbia and Montenegro

Bridge League of Jugoslavia or YuBel - Bridz liga Jugoslavije