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First of all, you start by clicking on the icon above. The Yahoo Bridge Clubs are free and have no annual or monthly dues or fees. It is a free service provided by Yahoo and the individual bridge player should take advantage of this offer.

After you have reached the Yahoo site, you will see a window under Search Clubs. Enter the key word: bridge.

You can then select from several items on the page which appears, but we suggest that you click on the very first one, which is: Games > Card Games > Bridge.

You will then find a list of all the Bridge Clubs now available on Yahoo. Once you click on the individual links, you will either have to possess a Yahoo ID number and a Password, or remain a Guest.

If you wish to join the Club, then Yahoo requires and requests that you fill out their form, which is not tedious or obnoxious. Once you have completed the form, you will be sent the confirmation by email of your ID and Password within minutes.

From then on you can return to the Bridge Clubs, click on any or all of the Bridge Clubs listed, and then you simply click on Join This Club logo. After that, you can leave a message, chat with other bridge players when they are online, and meet other bridge players.

The individual clubs do have individual addresses, but if you are first time visitor, you can not enter directly from this page, since the visitor or club member must go through Yahoo, but that is no big deal. Bookmark the Internet Yahoo address above and you will have it in your favorite folder.

However, if you are already a member, then you can click on the individual Websites below, enter the chat rooms, and chat to your heart's content.

Y Bridge - The Official Yahoo! Bridge Club. Founded September 8, 1998 by Yahoo and The Games Guru of Santa Clara, California. This seems to be the most visited Bridge Group on Yahoo with the most members.

Bridge Groups have formed on the Internet and have taken on many forms to meet many requirements. Sometimes it is just for the enjoyment of being represented online and sometimes there is pertinent information for those players of a certain geographical area. The News Groups on the Internet have undergone a significant change throughout the years of being connected to cyberspace and a reorganization has taken place. We would like to keep up with the times and present a list of the bridge-related News Groups on the Internet. We hope that you find an interesting bridge group among the following selection. The idea is to log on to their Web site, select to join, provide some particulars about yourself, choose a name and begin corresponding with the other members of the New Groups.

We have not included any links since the individual bridge player will be requested to form his/her own individual list of Bulletin Boards and/or Groups, and these will be assigned to each bridge player according to passwords and profiles. Once you have compiled a list, then Yahoo will always remember the bridge player once logged on.

Founded: Oct 3, 2001. Language: English. This League is totally FREE!! We will be hosting tournaments in the Yahoo Social 2 lounge several times a week with a Tournament of Champions on the 30th of each month.

Founded: Nov 3, 1999. Language: English. For members of American Bridge Teachers Association only.   If you are not a member, you may get information about our organization and how to join by going to our web site:

Founded: Oct 15, 2001. Language: English. This mailing list group serves the users of ACBL-HTM.EXE, the program that converts results from ACBLScore to GOOD looking HTML pages.

Founded: Jan 17, 1999. Language: English. ACOL Bridge players Club.

Founded: Feb 7, 2002. Language: English. Good Bridge, no odd Conventions, Std. American.

Founded: Sep 17, 1999. Language: English. Wouldn't you love to play six hands of bridge or better in an hour. This is the club, good bridge doesn't have to be played slow.

Founded: Jan 28, 2002. Language: Turkish. Arifiyeli briç dostlar‡n‡n haberlefme ve eõitim kanal.

Founded: Feb 3, 2002. Language: Chinese (Simplified). Members of armored marshal club in

Founded: Feb 3, 2002. Language: English. A group that meets in Austin for a weekly home bridge game with IMP scoring.

Founded: Apr 27, 2001. Language: English. Bay Bridge Club.

Founded: Feb 13, 2002. Language: English. This is a place to talk about either bridge stratagy, bridge sites, books, etc. ANYTHING BRIDGE. You can also use this site to set up internet bridge games, and the like.

Founded: Nov 22, 1999. Language: English. Here is the international Blue Team Club fans Web site.

Founded: Jun 22, 2001, Language: Turkish. BricBank - Turk Bric Bilgi Bankasi.

Founded: Jun 23, 2001. Language: English. Turkish Bridge Information Bank.

Founded: Dec 17, 2001. Language: English. With over 2 billion deals, Bridge Baron offers you the most comprehensive, easy to use, bridge game available. The Baron is the product of over 40 years of research and development.

Founded: Nov 21, 1998. Language: English.

Founded: Jun 24, 2000. Language: English. A bridge club in Washington DC.

Founded: Dec 11, 1999. Language: English. Bridge Central.

Founded: Apr 12, 1998. Language: English. This list is owners and operators of bridge clubs in the U.S. & Canada.

Founded: Sep 6, 2001. Language: English. Bridge Club of metro Detroit.

Founded: Jun 30, 2000. Language: English. Bridge Dudes is a Bridge (card game) discussion group. Members submit hands and then the other members comment on the bidding /play/defence. All for fun and getting better.

Founded: Aug 10, 2001. Language: English. The Tuesday bridge group.

Founded: Jan 21, 1999. Language: English. Welcome! Lets talk about fun bidding and play problems and of course forcing club systems.

Founded: Mar 1, 2000. Language: English. This is the best place for you to learn how to play bridge or just talk with other people who are learning bridge too.

Founded: Oct 7, 2000. Language: English. 90% av bridge är ganska elementära bud o spelföringar men dom andra 10:e kan ge glädje eller sorg. Sidan är skapat för att ge roliga länkar och givar.

Founded: Mar 28, 2001. Language: Dutch. Discussie groep voor nieuwe en bestaande Bridge'it gebruikers.

Founded: Feb 10, 1999. Language: English. Bridge1.

Founded: Mar 27, 2000. Language: English. A list for people to talk about bridge hands, bidding and general gossip about the game and the people.

Founded: Nov 2, 2001. Language: Romanian. Bridge, play, card game. in romanian language. Discutii in limba romana pe teme de bridge.

Founded: Apr 25, 2000. Language: English. Bridge tips and special deals for bridge players.

Founded: Jan 27, 2002. Language: English. Komunitas Bridge Jawa Barat.

Founded: Aug 20, 2001. Language: Indonesian. The group of INTI bridge players.

Founded: Feb 25, 2002. Language: English. We are a group of friends and we like to play bridge during weeck's holiday.

Founded: Oct 31, 2001. Language: English. As the founding father, Tony, once said: Whenever four are gathered in front of The Sheet, bridge should be played.

Founded: Feb 18, 2002. Language: English. Local Contract Bridge News and Articles.

Founded: Feb 20, 2002.Language: English. Bridge lovers that wants play their favourite card-game on holiday in south Italy or preferebly in Sicily and Sicily islands.

Founded: Sep 25, 2000. Language: English. Missed a family christening/wedding/funeral whilst dropping in for just a couple of hands? Started playing before breakfast and missed supper?

Founded: Jul 7, 2001. Language: Indonesian. Welcome to the Cyber Sarkem Ini Tempat Ngumpul anak yang Cinta Bridge Silakan Nulis Sepuas-puasnnya Mo' Nggosip boleh, Cari Jodohpun OK.

Founded: Oct 8, 2001. Language: Turkish. Tüm arkadaflara iletmek istediõimiz mesajlar için olufturulmuftur.

Founded: Jun 30, 1999. Language: English. Our team's bridge.

Founded: Nov 17, 2001. Language: English. Grupa ludzi lubiacych sie spotkac i pograc od czasu do czasu w brydzyka.

Founded: Nov 7, 2001. Language: English. Greetings and welcome to the University of Calgary Bridge Club. This club is orientated towards both rubber and duplicate bridge play.

Monster Bridge Tour Each Year. Founded: Jan 4, 2002. Language: English.

Founded: Feb 27, 2002. Language: English. WE PLAY BRIDGE AND WE PLAY MORE BRIDGE.

Founded: Jan 17, 2002. Language: English. Receive a weekly email about a bridge convention with tips and examples, from the editors of Bridge Today Magazine and authors of Conventions at a Glance.

Founded: Dec 16, 2001. Language: English.

Founded: Dec 9, 2001. Language: English. GET IT TOGETHER FOR BRIDGE.

Founded: Feb 21, 2002. Language: English. Grupo para organizar clases de bridge, partidos, etc.

Founded: Jan 16, 2002. Language: English. This is a bridge list.

Founded: Sep 6, 2000. Language: English. For the arrangement of bridge partnerships at District 22 Regionals so that players can get together over the Internet to discuss their bidding methods and make arrangements to play.

Founded: Feb 2, 2001. Language: English. Elkins Lake Duplicate Bridge Club Game Results Announcements Calendar.

Founded: Feb 16, 2002. Language: English. Bridge Lover's Meeting Place.

Founded: Aug 26, 2001. Language: English. A forum for us to discuss bidding, play and defence of bridge deals that come up in the various tournaments or practice sessions that we play. No deals from books, syndicated columns.

Founded: May 21, 2001. Language: English. Discuss the hands played in the fifth friday set of bridge tournaments.

Frontier Unit 116 - Welcome to the online community for Frontier Unit 116, a division of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) representing Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and the greater Western New York region. This online community serves several purposes, each of which being designed both to benefit the members of Unit 116 and to promote the game of duplicate bridge in Western New York.

Founded: Jan 23, 2002, Language: English. Group of Friends that play bridge on a monthly basis in the Portland, Oregon area.

ÇéÈËͬÃË - Founded: Feb 20, 2001. Language: Chinese (Simplified).

Founded: Feb 18, 2002. Language: English. A non profit Bridge Club that plays in its members homes. Also special events such as Xmas dinner & bridge, Valentine lunch & bridge, picnic bridge and more. Located in Metro Toronto.

Founded: Aug 24, 1998. Language: English.

Founded: Jan 16, 2002. Language: English. Pretty self explanatory. Any youth (I hate that word) bridge players in Chappaqua or the general area.

Founded: Jun 11, 2001. Language: English. The Gwinnett Duplicate Bridge Club plays bridge at Mountain Park recreation center.

Founded: Nov 30, 2001. Language: Hebrew. Hana Zilberstein's Bridge Group.

Founded: Nov 20, 2001. Language: English. To discuss Bridge problems and other related items.

Founded: Aug 1, 2001. Language: English. The funkiest group.

Founded: Feb 15, 2002. Language: English. Short of a partner? Here is the opportunity to find same plus organise home games, advise of upcoming Bridge events, arrange teaching sessions, introduce new/prospective players.

Founded: Jan 6, 2001. Language: English. This is the egroups page of Hwa Chong Bridge Club.

Founded: Sep 19, 2001. Language: Turkish. Ibm ogrencileri.

Founded: Dec 23, 1998. Kyiv Bridge Club Mailing List Group.

Founded: May 31, 1999. To help promote the game of Bridge in and around the Madison area.

Founded: Feb 3, 2001. Language: Dutch. De site voor de bridgers.

Founded: Feb 20, 2002. Language: Italian. un gruppo di appassionati di bridge che desiderano trascorrere settimane di vacanze alternando turismo enogastronomia e BRIDGE.

Founded: Nov 6, 1999. Language: English. This a student club's mailing-list which was created to communicate with students who have great interests about bridge.

Founded: Jan 21, 2002. Language: English. Email list of bridge players in Nashville.

Founded: Dec 21, 2001. Language: English. Welcome to the ND Bridge Unit 104 List Serve. This site is dedicated to posting all information on North Dakota Bridge Clubs and Tournaments.

Founded: Aug 13, 2001. Language: English. NTU Bridge Club.

Founded: Oct 1, 2001. Language: Turkish. New York-New Jersey civarindaki Turk briccileri bir araya getirmeyi amaclayan bir mail grubu.

Founded: Feb 18, 2002. Language: Turkish. Web page of Metu Bridge Society.

Founded: Jun 18, 2001. Language: Turkish. The best group on the web.

Founded: Dec 16, 2001. Language: Polish. Grupa zajmuje siê rozwidzywaniem problemów sêdziowskich w bryd¿u sportowym.

Founded: Feb 9, 2001. Language: English. Sillamänu huviliste nurgake.

Founded: Dec 25, 2001. Language: German. Willkommen in meine Gruppe.Sehr Dank.

Founded: Nov 1, 2001. Language: Indonesian.

Founded: Jan 10, 2002.Language: English. Contract Bridge Club for Sydney Indian Bridge Group.

Founded: Oct 4, 2001. Language: Swedish. Utveckling av SysKon.

Founded: Jan 25, 2002. Language: Hindi.

Founded: Feb 25, 2002. Language: English. This group is formed by the students from University of Maryland Baltimore County to discuss and exchange news about their Bridge Club.

Founded: Apr 11, 2001. Language: Swedish. Utveckling av bridgekonventioner.

Founded: Aug 6, 2001. Language: Russian. VBK Towers'u mokyklele.

Founded: Aug 23, 2001. Language: Turkish.

News Groups

Anyone interested in the Bridge related Newsgroups on the Internet are encouraged to seek out the following newsgroups which have been created by bridge individuals from around the world. In order to enter the Newsgroups, find the feature either on MicroSoft Explorer or Netscape Navigator which allows you to access the different Newsgroups. There are millions of Newsgroups, but there is also a Search Button which permits you to enter the key word; bridge. Following are several bridge newsgroups, and they have no individual link, because the user must enter through his/her browser. - This newsgroup seems to be the most popular and the most visited. Highly recommended. - As the name implies, this is the formal newsgroup for OKBridge players. Highly recommended. - Since its inception, this newsgroup has not really taken off as expected. We are unable to attain any further information about this newsgroup. - This newsgroup is available by using Netscape and Explorer. The newsgroup is for Russian bridge players and the fonts may come in scrambled. Several messages may be unscrambled by selecting View Source in the menu. - It is unfortunate but there are very few visitors and postings. - After checking back many times, there seems to be a lack of visitors.

fido.dbridge.028 - Unable to determine its origin, it can not be determined why there seems to be no interest in posting messages. - Very few visitors and postings.

fidonet.dbridge - Very few visitors and postings. - Uncertain whether this is a bridge game forum because of the lack of postings.

tw.bbs.rec.bridge - Although officially a bridge newsgroup, porn groups have decided to invade. Every now and then the visitor will find a real message about bridge, but most of the messages are scrambled.

Using Outlook Express to post to Newsgroups
by Sid Ismail, South Africa

Changes that must be effected to Outlook Express 5 before liaising with newsgroups



  • in "Font settings" highlight "User Defined"
  • in "Proportional Font" select "Courier New"
  • in "Fixed-width Font" select "Courier New"
  • ensure "Font size" is set to "smaller"



First click "Send"
ensure radio button "Plain Text" is ON for "News sending Format"
now click "Plain Text Settings"
ensure radio button for "Uencode" is ON ==> MIME must be OFF

now click "Compose"
change Compose Font of "News:" to "12 pt. Courier New"

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