The origin of the following method or treatment is unknown. It is also sometimes referred to as the DAUNT conventional method, which is an acronym for Defense Against Unusual No Trump. However, it must be remembered that designations of defense methods to defense methods may become blurred.

The defense method also does not stand alone in the bridge community because a defense mechanism to a defense mechanism is normally considered to be a personal partnership agreement. Several of these agreements have been, to some degree, universally adopted by the bridge community, but they remain partnership agreements, which can be revised, modified, and varied. They are and remain only suggestions and recommendations. They are not etched in stone.

Possible Defense Method

One of these defense methods is shown below and must be viewed and considered only as a possible guideline. A distinction can be made between the application of the Unusual No Trump conventional method, which is a defense mechanism, when the opening is a Major suit as opposed to an opening of a Minor suit. This distinction is not treated on this web page. Only the Major suits are considered.

Opener   Opponent   Responder   Meaning
1           Promises opening values.
    2 NT       The Unusual No Trump conventional method to show a two-suited holding in both Minor suits.
        Pass   The employment of pass should be considered logically. The responder could have very few values, no support for partner's suit, and no wish to compete, but rather defend. Continuing this logical approach, a pass followed by a double by partner can only be for penalty. The opener is required to pass.
        Double   Shows a holding, which does not fall within the above parameters of the responses below. A double promises some values. The general definition of the double is that it is:
1. competitive and the opener should consider further action, or
            2. penalty-oriented in the case that the opponents declare, then the opponents declare in a doubled contract.
        3   This response promises invitational values in Hearts, and promises at least a 3-card support.
        3   This response shows invitational values in Spades. The distribution of the holding should be at least a 6-card Spade suit, insufficient support for Hearts (two or fewer), and shortage in the two Minor suits.
        3   Promises a single Limit Raise with values ranging between 5/6 and 9 points, 3 plus Heart support, and is non-forcing. This is only a competitive action.
        3   Promises a 6-card plus Spade holding, values ranging between 5/6 and 9 points, and is non-forcing. This is only a competitive action.

Opening Bid is 1 Spade

In the case that the opening is 1 Spade, then the partnership should come to an understanding that the responses, as suggested above, should be altered only in the suit bid. The meanings of the bids should remain the same, and only the bid suit should be changed to adopt to a 1 Spade opening.

Note: This particular defense mechanism may be / can be also applied and employed if the opening is a Minor suit. The partnership will have to alter the responses accordingly.



If you wish to include this feature, or any other feature, of the game of bridge in your partnership agreement, then please make certain that the concept is understood by both partners. Be aware whether or not the feature is alertable or not and whether an announcement should or must be made. Check with the governing body and/or the bridge district and/or the bridge unit prior to the game to establish the guidelines applied. Please include the particular feature on your convention card in order that your opponents are also aware of this feature during the bidding process, since this information must be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. We do not always include the procedure regarding Alerts and/or Announcements, since these regulations are changed and revised during time by the governing body. It is our intention only to present the information as concisely and as accurately as possible.