Rule of Twenty-Two - Rule of 22

Similar to and based upon the Rule of Eighteen, the Rule of Twenty-Two is based on the number 22. This Rule is mostly used by those players who open light, and who must make a decision as to whether to open at all. This decision, as it turns out, can have the number 22 as its foundation.

The bridge player, who decides to open light, counts the length of the two LONGEST SUITS and adds that total to the number of high card points.

If the combined result is 22 or more, then the player should open the hand.

Two other guidelines:

1. Never open with 19 or less total count.

2. With 20-21 total points, the hand must have 2 defensive tricks.

If we take a closer look at the two longest suits, we discover that the distribution of 4-3-4-2 is the same as 4-4-1-4, the distribution of 5-2-5-1 is the same as 5-5-3-0, and so on. Is this an advantage or disadvantage? Should one take into consideration the advantage of a void or a singleton? Would it be better if the two longest suits were the Majors as opposed to being the Minors? These are qualities of the holding, of which the partnership should be aware and questions, which the partnership must answer.



If you wish to include this feature, or any other feature, of the game of bridge in your partnership agreement, then please make certain that the concept is understood by both partners. Be aware whether or not the feature is alertable or not and whether an announcement should or must be made. Check with the governing body and/or the bridge district and/or the bridge unit prior to the game to establish the guidelines applied. Please include the particular feature on your convention card in order that your opponents are also aware of this feature during the bidding process, since this information must be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. We do not always include the procedure regarding Alerts and/or Announcements, since these regulations are changed and revised during time by the governing body. It is our intention only to present the information as concisely and as accurately as possible.



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