We are requesting the viewer to aid us in completing this list. If you know of any Personal Bridge Sites, please drop us a note with the corresponding address and we shall include it. Trying to keep up is almost impossible, but with your help, we can certainly try.

It would be nice if we could list all the Personal Bridge Sites of every bridge-related websites, but that seems like an impossible task. However, please check back often, as this list will be extended as time goes by. We cannot begin to classify or rate these personal websites, so we decided to list them in no particular order except alphabetically and to provide a small description of content.

In the following list are the Personal Home Pages of very interested bridge players and it would be a shame if the viewer would not take the time to look at them. They are interesting, insightful, full of knowledge, and a lot of effort went into them. And the website designers are very friendly people, so drop them a note when you stop by.

Alexander Sukhorukow - Mr. Alexander Sukhorukov is a Russian bridge player and promoter since 1975. He is also Editor and Publisher of the magazine Bridge in Russia, and also an avid collector of cards since the early 1980s. He is also the Director of the World Web Playing Card Museum with a truly comprehensive internet website with more than 150,000 illustrated playing cards, a collection which is constantly increasing in size.

Amit Micha's Home Page - This is a website for bridge players, who speak and read Hebrew.

Annam Co. UK - Anna Marsh has created an interesting website devoted to the game of bridge. The presentation is precise and finding your way through the pages is easy. The concise descriptions of conventions and methods are well illustrated. There is also an OKBridge picture gallery and a list of almost all OKBridge players from around the world.

Andrew's Bridge Corner - Mr. Andrew van der Windt of Holland has created this site devoted to the game of bridge. There is a Dutch version and an English version.Andrew Robson's Bridge Club -This is the website of Mr. Andrew Robson of London, England, and contains different sub-catagories for Membership and Course Booking Forms, which are future bridge events held for bridge players. All the registration forms can be downloaded from this website. The planned bridge events can be anything from bridge weekends to bridge dinners. Andrew Robson also contributes bridge columns for the London Times, and these can be located at The Times, and once there the visitor must click on Index, scroll down to Bridge - Andrew Robson.


Barbara Seagram Bridge - Barbara Seagram and her husband, Alex Kornel, are the owners of the Barbara Seagram School of Bridge, located in Toronto, Ontario. They teach well over 1000 students per year and escort bridge trips and cruises all over the world. Games & Classes, Cruises & Trips, Books & Products, and a Photo Album.

Barnet Shenkin - As a writer Shenkin Barnet has written for the ACBL Bulletin and Sunshine Bridge News. As a teacher and lecturer Shenkin Barnet is presently working on new Power Teaching Programs. The visitor will find interesting stories and bridge hands, and intermediate players will find some tips to help them with their game. The visitor can also join the Barnet's Club and the Barnet Mailing List. Barnet's club members will have the opportunity to see some special online presentations, some of which feature hands of the bridge giants of the past and the present. Blog.

Better Bridge - Audrey Grant presents her personal website devoted to the bridge player. Offered is information about: Cruises - Festivals - Products - Bridge Teachers - Bridge Quiz - Bridge Online - News.

Bob Crossley - Mr. Bob Crossley is a Grand Life Master with over 10,000 masterpoints. He has many overall placings in other National Tournaments, including three top ten finishes in National Teams in both 1994 and 2002. He has competed in tournaments in many parts of the world including France, Italy, Morocco, Israel, and Australia.

Bowman's Bridge Stuff - Mr. Bruce Bowman has created his own website for the game of bridge. He has added features such as One More Bid, Tips to Improve Your Bridge Game, and Of Cavendish and Kings, which is a Bridge Poem written by Mr. Barry Breakey.

Brad's Systems Page - Mr. Brad Cole's System Page including Fout's Overcall Structure, Strong Pass systems, and Strong Club systems.

Bridge-A-Holics Anonymous - Bridge Resources for duplicate contract bridge lovers and all those still working on improving their game. The website contains pertinent articles on Bidding, Declarer Play, Defense, Tips and Tools.

Bridge Assistant - Created by Mr. Paul Hanns-Joachim Hauff of Bad Nauheim, Germany, in the year 2010. This site is dedicated to the art of playing bridge in a home and/or private environment. The website contains instructions as to the formation of private games, providing Rules and Tools for the players in the languages of Germany and also English.

Bridge Bidding - Home Page of Mr. Jim Belk of Ithaca, New York, and Cornell University. His efforts include and contain a basic explanation of standard American bidding for beginners.

bridgebum.com - Created by Mr. Jeff Tang in the year 1999. The website is intended as an online reference for bridge players. Offered is a large collection of bridge-related articles, detailed explanations of bridge bidding conventions, bridge declarer play, bridge defense, ethics, and much more.


Bridge Big - Co-founders are Nira Tal and Mr. René de Waele, and they are joined by Olaf and Jeroen as the co-developers. (Quoted text by the Founders: Bridge Big offers duplicate, individual bridge for some of the highest stakes in the game today. Bridge players compete online against real people for winnings, which can be cashed out anytime in 24/7 cash games (cash-per-IMP won or lost) and tournaments. We are committed to fair-play because, like you, we love bridge and hate cheaters. No need for a partner since everyone is scored on his/her own skill. No unfinished games. One convention card. And no application to download or install. FaceBook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Marketing is managed by Trika Harms zum Spreckel located in the Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands. LinkedIn. Registrar of Bridge Big is Tucows.com Co., and the Registrant is Bridge Big B.V. of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Note: Duplicate bridge is an acknowledged skill game, legal to play in most countries and the majority of the United States. To Bridge Big's latest knowledge, there are a handful of states in the United States that explicitly disallow cash prizes for any games, skill or not, and that list is kept up to date on their website: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. United States citizens can find more information about online gaming and gambling vs. skill games at the following links: US Federal Gambling Laws, and also the individual State Gambling Laws.

Note: Bridge Big is classified by the United States in credit card codes as a video game arcade inEntertainment and Recreational Facilities as opposed to online gambling. Therefore, Bridge Big offers only entertainment and recreation whereby the bridge player can make a monetary wager as to the outcome.

Note: See descriptive write-up in the Bridge Bulletin of the ACBL, February 2013, page 46, for additional information and commentaries.

bridgebum.com - Created by Mr. Jeff Tang in the year 1999. The website is intended as an online reference for bridge players. Offered is a large collection of bridge-related articles, detailed explanations of bridge bidding conventions, bridge declarer play, bridge defense, ethics, and much more.

Bridge Club of Center City - The bridge club in the Heart of Philadelphia or the Bridge in the of Philadelphia. Whether you are a seasoned tournament player or learning the game for the first time, you will find plenty of others at your level here at the Bridge Club of Center City.

Bridge Clues - Anne Lund and Mr. Michael Lawrence provides daily two free hands on bidding and play. The purpose of Bridge Clues is to provide bridge puzzle type entertainment while giving clues for improving the bridge game of the individual. This is an online display of questions and answers to bridge puzzles and there is no direct interaction between user and provider.

Bridge Conventions - Mr. Graeme Williams presents various Bidding Systems, Conventions, Signals, and History of the game of bridge.

Bridge Doctor - The Bridge Doctor Team consists of Mr. Graeme Tuffnell, Tina, and Mr. Dennis Asher and operates in New Zealand. The participant must register in order to take advantage of the many features such as Practice Bridge Against the Computer, Play Live With Others around the World, Lessons for Learners and Improvers. Offered are also video tutorials and includes MiniBridge, which provides the participant with learning the basic features of the game.

Bridge Forum International - Bridge Forum International is a school for players of all levels and is conducted via and through cyberspace on the web. The range of the instructed material includes SAYC, Two Over One system, Acol, and Precision. The student can select a teacher from the online bridge instructors, who are affiliated with Bridge Forum International. Since the teachers are from different countries the instructions can be provided in another language such as Spanish. The student can select from Private and Partnership Lessons or Supervised Group Lessons from the novice to advanced level.

Bridge Hands - Mr. Michael Nistler has created a must see all-inclusive bridge-related website for the American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA), which offers many items for the bridge player. Among them are the Encyclopedia, a Newsletter sent to each subscriber, Products, Services, Reviews, Tournaments, and even a Blog for bridge players. It is impossible to mention everything that he has on his web site, and the discoveries have no end. Mr. Michael Nistler also offers web-hosting. He also has a format for audio-casting, which he intends to expand. As Mr. Michael Nistler states: We have a few entertaining virtual guests to chat about how bridge blogs, podcasts, websites, Email newsletters, and aggregation software (like iTunes) interrelate to one another. Stay tuned for future interviews with bridge professionals, duplicate directors, organizations, businesses, authors, teachers, players.


Bridge In India - This web site is maintained by Dr. P.S. Raghavan from Chennai of TamilNadu in India.

Bridge Lessons - A Beginner's Guide maintained by Mr. Dan Berkley, M.Eng., who has operated bridge clubs, organized bridge competitions, and performed as an online / offline bridge teacher / instructor. His bridge lessons eBook is rated as the best of all these by some reviewers.. The focus is on the beginning bridge player and stresses the Standard American 5-Card Major bidding system.

Bridge Matters

BridgeMatters - Mr. Glen Ashton of Ottawa, Canada, takes particular pride in his website by offering many up-to-date articles about the game of bridge. He also offers many Interviews with the leading bridge experts for the benefit of the visitor. The site also presents pictures, which Mr. Glen Ashton shares with his visitors. The main content of this major website is the emphasis on the ETM bidding system, or Everything That Matters. This is a very content-rich website and should be viewed and studied. Mr. Glen Ashton also offers a BridgeMatters Blog, which can be accessed also via this link, and which contains archival material dating to March 2006. Mr. Glen Ashton was also the Research and Connections Officer for Canada's Teams in the World 2005 Championships, assisting the players, their captains, and coaches.

Bridge 7 - Both in English and Turk. Mr. Yalcin Pekiner has created a website for bridge players and invites all fellow bridge players to visit his website. The site is divided up into sections: bidding, playing, opening bids, first responses, overcalls, conventions and basic principles. There is also a section for practicing bridge hands through evaluation methods, which is excellently designed. This is a Must See Website.

BridgeLady - Back Mountain Duplicate Bridge, web-hosted by Beth Rosenthal.

Bridge Lessons From Kitty Cooper - Maintained by Kitty Cooper, who is an American by birth but competed internationally for the UK while living in London in the mid-80s in partnership with Liza Shaw and for mixed events, Barry Rigal. Together with Barry's then partner Peter Czierniewski, the four of them won the Common Market Mixed Teams Championship in 1987. Liza Shaw and Kitty Cooper also played on the British Ladies team, finishing 3rd in the European Championships.

Bridge Lessons and Bridge Material - New site featuring bridge lesson material once content of the address above. The mission of this site is to assist other bridge teachers by providing free materials, tips, and discussions, as well as to help beginning and intermediate players learn bridge.

Bridge Plus - This is a website created in England and which promotes the game of bridge through the magazine Bridge Plus. Several pictures of bridge authors are included, as well as Quizzes and other Features.

BridgePro - Mr. Paul Cronin lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and is an ACBL accredited Silver Life Master with 1830+ master points, immediate past president of Unit 166, and a co-founder of the ACBL Zero Tolerance policy. He is a duplicate bridge professional available to bridge players of all levels wanting to improve their game, earn more master points and enjoy themselves at tournaments while doing so.I am especially interested in working with those just starting out in the game.

Bridge Snaps - Created by Mr. John Thomas, this site offers monthly publication of bridge tips, bridge quotes and bridge humor. In the case that some bridge tips are not checked on a regular base, the visitor can refer to the Archives.

Bridge Squeezes Complete or Winning End Play Strategy - In 1968 Mr. Clyde E. Love authored a book and published it under the title of Bridge Squeezes Complete or Winning End Play Strategy, which became the reference book for every bridge player attempting to master this more advanced play technique of the game of bridge. Mr. Lorne Russell has created a software program to re-create this published work and present it to the bridge community. A free evaluation version of the software may be downloaded for viewing. The software leads the reader into the realm of expert play by easy stages, analyzing the simple squeeze, Vienna coup, Bath coup, double squeeze, elimination play, trump squeeze and similar plays. The interactive software version contains 129 exercises and 59 problems, which are presented and then followed with analysis and answers. Mr. Lorne Russell also presents his credentials in the form of an autobiography on his website. System requirement is Windows 95+.

Bridge Tips
This personal website of Gabi Levy provides many articles about the game of bridge such as the explanation of conventional methods for the player. There is also the availability of a Newsletter. The site is quite extensive and is presented in English, but only in certain parts. Hundreds of bridge tips and articles. Many bridge game links to the YouTube, links to many bridge sites in Israel and abroad and much more. The site is not commercial and updated regularly for browsing.

Bridge Today University - Pamela and Matthew Granovetter have developed a great idea in the art of learning bridge. They offer bridge lessons via the computer. You sign up, pay the fee, and they send you the lessons via email. The bridge player then has the time to study the lesson, and if he does not understand something, he will send email back to the Bridge Today University, and will receive the correct answer at no additional cost. This is very innovative and very creative. They offer courses for the Beginner and for the Advanced player. They also supervise the publication of the Bridge Today Magazine containing articles from contributors such as Larry Cohen, Richard Pavlicek, Marshall Miles, and many other names you will recognize. Be sure that you do no miss this website. A lot of thought and effort and energy have gone into creating this website, and the result is just great. Congratulations to Pamela and Matthew Granovetter and their Staff.

They offer at their website several interesting features such as the Bridge Column, At The Table Master Solvers, Denmark Bidding Challenge, Almost Bridge, and if that is not enough, they also have a Book Store where you can purchase your favorite bridge books. If you would like to order their courses and/or books, please be aware that it would be advisable to copy the address and mail your check to them, since the website is not securely encrypted for the user.

Pamela and Matthew Granovetter have also made their magazine available through Adobe Acrobat Reader to their viewers. The visitor needs only to click on the link provided above the Acrobat Reader icon, and the magazine appears, which you can then print. The visitor, however, needs to have the Font GoudyOldStyle installed and active, otherwise the print-out could become distorted.

Note: Although the website is off line and has been allowed to expire the description of the website remains listed for historical purposes only.

BridgeTopics - Off Line - BridgeTopics.com publishes theory (Topics) and news on bridge. Anchor man is Eric Rodwell, a multiple world bridge champion from the USA and has also been the world’s leading bridge theorist over the last four decades. The Topics are of importance for a wide range of bridge players: from serious students to champions. The Topics will be published on a monthly basis with Eric Rodwell as main author. Approximately 25 percent will be written by guest authors.

Note: This website also provides The Grand Tour for Bridge Festivals and Tournaments in the form of a list. These tournaments include competitions from Russia to France, from Australia to America.


Harold Schogger - Mr. Harold Schogger is a member of the International Bridge Press Association, an English Bridge Union Teachers' Association Gold Level Holder, and an English Bridge Union Premier Life Master. Mr. Harold Schogger co-founded the online bridge teaching school The Bridge Forum. He contributes also to the successful online bridge site vubridge where many of his teaching hands can be found. He is now helping the English Bridge Union in teacher training. He also writes up the Hand of The Month on OKBridge each month.

The Bridge Forum International - Founded by Ellen Caitlin and Harold Schogger, this website offers the visitor the advantage of learning the game of bridge. Affiliates of the program include Mike Lawrence, Ron Klinger, Larry Cohen and Marty Bergen, among others. Several of the items offered include: Intro to SAYC, Intro to the 2/1 System, Improvers Course on ACOL, Intro to Law of Total Tricks, and Courses on Conventions.

BridgeOn.net - Off Line. This is an On-Line Bridge Magazine specifically designed for the Internet which offers the subscriber regular updates with a constant flow of new articles, fast downloading Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of almost every article for printer friendly documents, a lineup of top authors contributing on a regular basis, and access to all previous articles in their archives. The originator is Mr. Phil Gue, who is a leading bridge teacher in Australia and is owner and manager of the Adelaide Bridge Centre in South Australia’s capital city. Mr. Phil Gue has many state and national bridge championships to his credit and has represented Australia at the Far East (Pacific Asia) Championships, Bermuda Bowl, the Olympiad and Zone 7 Championships. He writes a weekly column in the Saturday Advertiser.

Bridgetrix Homepage - (Note: off line). Mr. Bobby Wolff, a ten time World Champion in Bridge, in collaboration with Mr. Neil Cohen, has produced a CD to demonstrate certain aspects of the Game. You learn while Mr. Bobby Wolff acts as your Bridge Mentor. Instead of reading, you listen and learn. The CD does not cost very much and a refund policy is offered. Many of the Bridge Greats have reviewed the CD such as Mr. Richard Pavlicek, Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Alan Truscott, and their reviews have been favorable and positive. The system requirements are IBM PC or compatible, and you can download a Demo. You will also discover a Bridge Column called Aces On Bridge written by Mr. Bobby Wolff which examines certain play techniques. These have been archived. All in all, even if you do not order the CD, you will be delighted by the well-designed website which carries an Exceptional 1999 Sites Award.

Bridge Union - Created in the year 2009 by Bridget, who lives in New York City, United States, but who is according to her own description: I'm a young Russian girl who loves bridge. Bridge union is a huge project that is going to serve bridge players, novice and institution (schools and universities) throughout the world. It is world wide site providing access to main bridge resources on any language. The idea is socialize, analyze, educate. The site also offers self-made videos, a forum, and provides the visitor with a blog. The visitor is asked to sign up or register in order to gain access to all features.

bridgewebs.com - BridgeWebs is one giant web site shared between all the clubs registered with BridgeWebs. All the pages displayed are generated "Dynamically" from information held on the web site. This is unlike a conventional "Static" web site where all the pages are individually written and composed on a PC and periodically uploaded to a Web Hosting service. BridgeWebs is a complete service for Bridge Clubs, providing the programs, the disk space, backup, domain registration, and the web hosting itself. The entire web site is maintained online, thus can be viewed and updated by anyone with the appropriate authority over the internet anywhere in the world. Each club uses a unique web address.

App for bridgewebs.com - The Bridgewebs app for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch. The app is simple to set up and requires you to choose your club or clubs that you are interested in to review results, news, and coming events.

Bridge Winners - The goal of this website it to have a central bridge website where people can come to get useful news, tools, and education. Mr. Gavin Wolpert, Co-Founder of Professional Bridge Player and Teacher from Toronto, Canada, and Mr. Jason Feldman, Co-Founder of Professional Bridge Player of San, Diego, California, United States, have joined forces to present this website as of 2010.

The Bridge World - FaceBook - Founded in 1929 by Ely Culbertson, The Bridge World is the world's leading bridge magazine. The Bridge World is the world's most prestigious bridge magazine.

The Building Blocks of Bridge or LaFetra Bridge Club - Mr. Roger Boyar, an ACBL certified bridge teacher, living in southern California, has created a website for the Building Blocks of Bridge. The visitor can reach Mr. Roger Boyar by email, telephone and fax, and can obtain all necessary information from the website pertaining to the locations of bridge events and tournaments. An introduction to the game of bridge has been included for the visitor.

Cards Down - Mr. J-P Voillequé of Portland, Oregon, United States, has turned to the web to document his adventures while learning the game of bridge. He is also a BBO online player, whose username is lawduck, owing to the fact that he works within the judicial system. He can also be found on Twitter.

CardGameHeaven.com - CardGameHeaven was setup in late 2011 by a group of experienced card players with over 100 years of experience of playing cards between us, so we know our stuff when it comes to card games. We built the site to aid people in playing, discovering and learning how to play card games.

Claire Bridge - Claire Martel has created this site and dedicated it to lovers of the game / sport of bridge. It presents a selection of Internet links related to all bridge topics. The collection is catagorized in sections and headings, which assist the visitor to find bridge-related Internet links on the Web. In French and English.

The Common Game - Sponsored by ACBL District 9 of Florida. The purpose of The Common Game website is to encourage more players to play more bridge at clubs, sections, and regionals, reduce the redundant board preparations at games, offer post-mortem analysis of the different boards. The ACBL member can login to the site and review the results of games, review any analysis of the individual board, and re-play the hands. The website emphasizes that there are no fees for participation and there are no additional ACBL masterpoints awarded as in online bridge games.

Competitive Bridge - This website offers instructional bridge lessons and information. Among the features offered are: introduction to Duplicate, Two-Over-One, Conventions, Defense, and Competitive Bidding. The visitor can enjoy the benefits of Life Masters Bob and Georgia McConnel.

Contract Bridge - This website is hosted by Mr. Michael Furstner and offers a Beginners Course in Contract Bridge.

Daniel's Systems Page - Daniel Neill's System Page with Systems Links. Winner of both the ACBL Mini-McKenney and Aces of Clubs (100 to 200) competitions in 2006.

Dave LeGrow - Bridge player, director, coach, and teacher based in Montgomery County (greater Philadelphia), Pennsylvania.

David Stevensons Bridgepage - David Stevenson has arranged a very well-designed website for the Bridge Player. It contains general articles about bridge, stories of players, humor, general information and events. He has accomplished quite a lot in England and should be credited by a visit.

Dayou Zhou Home Page - Bridge - the best game ever invented (and the game of my life).


Desktop Bridge Coach - Expert bridge tips at the touch of a button, right on your desk. The Desktop Bridge Coach is a new lifelong learning device that allows you to learn every day. Desktop Bridge Coach is a division of Pathways to Bridge, a multi-faceted service company providing products and services to bridge players, students, and bridge club owners and managers.

DynaMick Bridge - Located in Palm Springs, California, United States. With over twenty years of experience in directing ACBL certified games, the visitor is welcomed by Mick's Coahcella Valley Bridge. Bridge lessons are also offered for the interested bridge player.

eBridge Workshops
Ally Whiteneck is the founder of eBridge Workshops, and is currently on the Board of Directors for Unit 499 as the Mentor and Junior Program Coordinator. Mr. Howard Schutzman provides the technical expertise for eBridge Workshops and manages his own online website. The website offers Internet access to the audio and visual bridge teaching software. The audience hears the celebrity teacher while viewing the bidding and play. Several of the bridge personalities include Mr. Marty Bergen, Mr. Jerry Helms, Barbara Seagram, and Mr. Ron Klinger.

E-Bridge - Your Global Bridge Club - Purchased by WorldWinner, resold, and deactivated in 2006. The visitor will find this website all-inclusive. The many features include the Law and Rules, a Dictionary, Books and Software, Archives, Conventions, Online Bridge Play and much more. Also, the visitor will be able to read about the new developing agreements among the leading bridge organizations around the world, such as the ACBL and WBF. There are also Bridge Columns, Technique and Tips, Newsletters, and Book Excerpts.

Ecats Bridge - This is the website for an independent company called ECats Ltd. and presented by Anna Gudge and Mark Newton, who decided to create something for bridge. They work with many different organisations, including the World Bridge Federation, the European Bridge League, the English Bridge Union and others on various projects. These include working at the World Bridge Championships, creating, developing and organising and running Simultaneous Pairs events that are scored over the internet using their own servers. Mark developed the software used to maintain the WBF Master Points and is WBF Master Points Secretary. Anna is WBF Liaison Officer and Assistant to the President. She is also Webmaster for the English Bridge Union, Simultaneous Pairs organiser for the European Bridge League, Bridge Great Britain and the Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs, as well as for our own ECatsBridge Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs.

Ecats Bridge Bridge Club - This part of Ecats Bridge was created to assist other bridge clubs in posting their results on the Internet, and where club players can view their own results, complete with analysis via their personal score card, as soon as they are uploaded.

Eddie Kantar's Website - Includes books, lessons, tips, quizzes, double dummy problems, conventions and much more. Eddie Kantar, a transplanted Californian (originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota), is one of the best known bridge writers in the world. He has written some 25 bridge books, some of which are available in CD Rom form.  He is also a regular contributor to the ACBL Bulletin, Bridge World, Bridge Today, and O.K. Bridge. Eddie Kantar, a two-time World Champion, is highly regarded as a player, and he still competes regularly on the National level.  He is known as one of bridge's great ambassadors.

Elderhostel - Road Scholar - Note: Road Scholar is the new program name for Elderhostel, Inc. Road Scholar is the name for the programs developed and offered by Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning since 1975. Our mission is to empower adults to explore the world’s places, peoples, cultures and ideas, and in so doing to discover more about themselves. A fellowship of learning and the joy of discovery are the hallmarks of the Road Scholar experience. Road Scholar programs bring together instructors and participants from diverse backgrounds to foster dynamic interaction, engaging discourse and warm camaraderie. One of the programs on the journey to self-discovery includes the game of bridge.

Fifth Chair Foundation - The Fifth Chair Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that fosters online bridge education Fifth Chair's website is a multi-faceted resource for bridge players of all levels. Beginners and bridge teachers will find information and materials to help their efforts. The Fifth Chair Foundation is an international non-profit (tax-exempt in U.S.) organization dedicated to fostering bridge education on the internet and attracting new players to a game that has challenged, intrigued and entertained people since the early 16th Century when it was known as Whist in England.

As of October 1, 2009, Fifth Chair has officially launched its redesigned bridge website. Fifth Chair can also be found on twitter.com. The visitor will have to open an account and become a Twitter member. The website offers a Bridge School, explains the terminology in Bridge Jargon, arranges Programs, and offers the visitor access to the Archives, where information of all kind can be found.

The First Bridge University - Off Line. Mr. C.E. Rick Strattan has created The First Bridge University. The First Bridge University (TFBU) has been created to serve everyone with an interest in Contract Bridge. Just as educational institutions have come to make it possible for minorities and the financially challenged members of US society to improve their long term social and economic status, so will TFBU make it possible for anyone to achieve competence and recognition in Contract Bridge.

First For Bridge - Bridge Holidays - Martin and Judy Holcombe have been associated with the Menorcan Bridge Holiday for many years and are very proud to be hosting Britain's longest overseas licensed bridge holiday. Included is a list of the available Bridge Holidays, a Newsletter bringing updated information to the visitor,and a Bridge Quiz Play web page with interesting deals. The Bridge Holidays are explained fully and the information includes everything the visitor requires. Truly a wonderful way to book your bridge holiday over the Internet.

For Bridge Players - This is a Home website for consolidated bridge websites. It includes the Home Page of Richard Pavlicek, the Pavlicek School of Bridge, the Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club, the Bridge Studio of Palm Beach, the Sweetwater Bridge Club, Bridge Teaching Material, Bridge Tutor Software, and the link for Non-Bridge Players which is an introduction to the game of bridge.

Fulvio and Fantoni - Mr. Fulvio Fantoni was born in Grosseto, Italy, on November 9, 1963. His parents are Mrs. Clara Gesuati and Mr. Guido Fulvio Fantoni. Both his parents come from Veneto, a region in the North-East of Italy, respectively from Ponte di Piave and San Donà di Piave. He has two brothers, namely Luigi, born on December 20, 1956, and Marco, born on August 14, 1968. Mr. Guido Fulvio Fantoni is a pilot for the 4th flight of the Air Force of Grosseto; when he decides to become a civil pilot for Alitalia, he moves to Ostia (Lazio) with all his family.

Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge
The Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge, established in 2008, was created in order to support the preservation of bridge history, to recognize individuals for their excellence and service to the game of bridge and to inspire the participation of youth through scholarships and grants. One of the main purposes for this website is to preserve bridge history by collecting and displaying artifacts and stories under the aegis of the Bridge Museum located at the headquarters of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

Harvey's Web Page - Mr. Harvey Bernstein is a bridge columnist, who has listed text documents of his bridge-related articles on his website. Bridge players, in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, have been reading his publications for his many years, which were printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He is also active in writing for Whist Clubs. The collection of bridge articles extend back to the year 1992 to the present date. The newspaper decided to discontinue carrying any bridge column in 2007 and Mr. Harvey Bernstein switched from the ink-printed word to the digital age and posted his articles on the web.

Gary's Bridge Page - Mr. Gary Bernstein of Canada lists many .pdf files from publications, which are of main interest to the reader and visitor. These web pages can be accessed via Bridge-A-Holics.

Great Bridge Links - Great Bridge Links is a web page dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of the game of bridge and all its NEWS, products, services and internet sites.

Hank's Duplicate Bridge Results - As an ACBL Tournament Director Hank Rosley has employed technology to bring pertinent information, especially the game results, for several bridge clubs to the members and players via the computer.

Infobridge - Created by Mr. Marco Troiani, was born 1946 in Rome, Italy. For nearly forty years he has combined a passion for numbers and the game of ridge, researching for the statistical laws that drive the game. He is a FIGB (Italian Bridge Play Federation) Federal Teacher continually keeping up-to-date the content of his website with articles and news covering every aspect of the game of bridge.

Italian: Marco Troiani, romano, dirigente d'azienda oggi in pensione, sposato con Patrizia, ha una figlia Claudia e due nipotini: Ginevra e Tommaso. Da quasi 40 anni coniuga la passione per i numeri con quella per il Bridge, ricercando le leggi statistiche che guidano il gioco. Maestro della FIGB, arricchisce continuamente i contenuti del suo web site con articoli e notizie che riguardano ogni aspetto del Bridge. Alcuni di questi articoli sono creazioni completamente originali ed inedite, molti altri sono invece frutto di rielaborazioni di argomenti tratti da libri, riviste e siti specialistici, di tutto il mondo.

Jeff Hand - Between 1980 and 2000 Jeff Hand only competed in a few US nationals, a few Central American and Caribbean Championships, one Olympiad, and numerous lesser tournaments. He now makes his living as a professional bridge partner and teacher.

Jeff Goldsmith's Home Page - Caltech University, California. This website can become a little overwhelming, but you will be satisfied with the results. The website is well done, well thought out, and contains a great deal of information. The pages are different, delightful and detain you. The stories are interesting, the content engrossing, the layout nicely done.

J.W.& S. Hardy - The features of this website are Books, Software, Videos and Other Products. There is also a section for New Players, who can purchase Beginning Bridge Books.

Karen Walker's Library - This is a must see. Karen's Bridge Library is located in Champaign, Illinois, and is dedicated to Bridge Players, current and aspiring. She has designed her website well and successfully. Included are Conventions and Treatments in different categories ranging from the Beginners, Advancing Players, Intermediate to Advanced Players and Players Of All Skill Levels. Karen's website is dynamic, powerful and effective in its entirety.

Larry Cohen's Bridge Home Page - Great News. Larry Cohen, Bridge Player of the Year 2002, is represented on the Internet with his own personal Home Page. The visitor can discover that Larry Cohen is a Yankee fan and a golf player. There is also a webpage describing the books authored by Larry Cohen and an online order form. The visitor can also download a demo of his CDs and order his publications online, and review the content first of the CDs before deciding to purchase it. There is also a secure order form for both the books and the CDs. The website has been constructed as very user-friendly and is highly recommended. Check back often, since this website will be offering more products and information in the future, such as information regarding bridge teaching cruises conducted by Larry Cohen.

Note: Mr. Larry Rosler died May 29, 2013, in Menlo Park, California, United States, at the age of 79. The inactive link is provided for historical purposes only.

Lawrence Rosler

Note: Mr. Lawrence Rosler is from London, England, married to Jackie, and is regarded by many in the rubber bridge world as one of the best card players in the country. At the same time he is, by his own account, one of the worst card holders in the world. After twenty years of rubber bridge he joined the tournament circuit in the the 1980's, winning the Lederer, Crockfords and Spring Fours, and being runner up in the Gold Cup. In 1988, to the surprise of most people who know him, he retired from serious bridge and started teaching.

Note; The website for Larry Rosler is inactive, and the link is provided for historical purposes only. Bridge theorist and writer, and also an International Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League. Co-author with Mr. Jeff Rubens of the publication Journalist Leads, published 1987.

Maggy Simony - Bridge Table Chronicles - Created by Maggy Simony, author of Bridge Table or What's Trump Anyway as an off-beat Retro Pop Culture e-zine for bridge player, serious or sociable, who want bridge to survive and grow amongst boomers and their kids. As a nanogenarian Maggy Simony writes (quoted): This E-zine / Blog is on my “bucket list” you could say. The Bridge Guys wish her all the luck and good fortune on the web and in cyberspace. Indeed a role model for others.

Marvins Home Page

Note: Mr. Marvin French was born April 13, 1927, and died February 16, 2014, in San Diego, California, United States. His website remains active and the link has not been disabled. The information he left behind is still available to all bridge players.

Marvin French - Bridge expert and published author presents his writings and bridge articles. The web site contains files in .pdf file format for easy reading and printing. The site is completely indexed for all included references so that the visitor can easily navigate from one web page to the other to find the relevant article.

Malcolm's Great Bridge Links - Malcolm Boyack has compiled an exhaustive list of bridge links on the Internet. He has accomplished very much and accumulated many links to other bridge-related Web sites. Anyone with a personal Web site relating to the Game/Sport of Bridge should feel free to submit his/her personal Web site, which Malcolm will then add to his list. The bridge links are grouped into categories which makes it easier for the visitor to find his/her way through the many different links.

Mark's Bridge Bidding System - Mark Abraham of Australia presents a Web site with links to various bridge bidding system, such as Strong Club Relay, T-Rex, and Catomult.

Master Point Press - The company grew out of Canadian Master Point magazine (1992-1997), which was published in Toronto, Canada, by Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Linda Lee. The company began publishing books in 1994. While primarily interested in books on contract bridge, Master Point Press also publishes books on other games and intellectual pursuits. Mr. Ray Lee was the bridge columnist for the Toronto Star 1972-1978, editor of the Ontario Kibitzer from 1972-1975, contributes to a number of other bridge publications, and is a member of IBPA. A rare married tournament partnership, Ray and Linda finished second in the N.A.B.C. Mixed Pairs in 1992 and have numerous regional successes to their credit. Mrs. Linda Lee is a management consultant and bridge journalist.

Bridge Blogging - bridgeblogging.com is a community of Master Point Press authors and other bridge writers commenting regularly on the bridge scene as well as their latest triumphs and disasters.

Mastering Bridge - Welcome to Mastering Bridge - your online bridge community of bridge teachers and bridge players. Sponsored by Master Point Press.

eBooksBridge - Welcome to eBooksBridge.com, your digital bridge bookstore. eBooksBridge.com is operated by Master Point Press, North America's leading publisher of books on bridge and other games and intellectual pursuits. Note: eBooks are electronic copies of favorite book titles. The content is identical except that there are extra features in eBooks, such as bookmarks and links between problems and solutions.


Mel Colchamiro - Bridge teacher as of 1988 and professional player. Mr. Mel Colchamiro is a Grand Life Master and has over 200 Regional and Sectional wins.

Michael Chourdakis - This is a personal website presenting Systems, Interesting Deals, Problems, Links, Books, and Tournaments.

Marty Bergen - Bridge player, author, and teacher. Mr. Marty Bergen offers the visitor his personal Email, a toll-free telephone number for ordering his publications and software programs. He also offers a list of his for-sale publications, free downloads, seminars, lessons, and other products. Announcements are also posted for up-coming cruises with Mr. Marty Bergen.

Michael Lawrence - Bridge player, author, and teacher. The visitor will find out who Michael Lawrence is by reading his biography, and the visitor will find a variety of bridge related retail items such as books and software, plus previously published and unpublished articles. As an author, Michael Lawrence has written more than twenty bridge books, most of them exploring areas that no one else was willing to write about. His writings include numerous book-of-the-year awards starting with his first book, How to Locate Your Opponents' Cards and continuing through Opening Leads, published in late 1996.

Micha Amit - This site, which began in 1997, is dedicated mostly to the post cites of the Israel Federation of Bridge, where Mr. Micah Amit served as captain and director of athletic competitions. There is information about the various clubs that make up the branch, athletic program, the results of competitions, list of members with master points, as well as links to other bridge in the world.

Migry Zur Campanile - Migry Zur Campanile was born in Bucharest, Romania. She is now a bridge professional and teacher living in Tel Aviv with her husband, bridge professional and writer Pietro Campanile. Migry Zur Campanile is the top-ranked Israeli women's player and among the top players on the European tournament scene. She is the only Israeli player to have won twice a world championship: in 1998, she won the World Generali Masters in Corsica, and at the 2000 Olympiad in Maastricht, she partnered Piotr Gawrys as a member of “Team E-Bridge”, which won the World Mixed Teams title.

Mike's Bridge Club - Maintained, owned, and operated by Mr. Mike Tomlianovich. Mike's Bridge Club is a member of the American Contract Bridge League as Club Number 238477 within Unit 208, the Central Illinois Bridge Association.

Mike Donovan - Hosted and operated by Mr. Mike Donovan of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Among many activities the visitor will also find the game of bridge and also a bridge blog in progress.

MindRacer Publishing - Producer and distributor of a selection of fine Bridge products with an emphasis on instruction. Their products are designed for the everyday player who wants to straighten out a few things. The main goal of their products is to clear up bidding misunderstandings that partnerships who have been playing together for years seem to have. Products include Flashcards, Notepads, Memopads, Albums, Minialbums, Magnets, and Scorepads. They also offer online quizzes and hands, bridge terms, among other things. There is also a section for recipes for snacks and deserts for your next bridge party. The address is: MindRacerMr. Publishing, P.O. Box 920455, Norcross, Georgia 30010.

Niko Sarantakos - In the words of the website creator: I had the great honor and the luck to know the great, late Terence Reese, with whom I have co-authored a series of articles that were published in various magazines in the world. After his death in early 1996, I have collaborated with David Bird, and I also have published various solo articles. I currently have a regular column in the Greek Bridge magazine. For a couple of years I had another in Bridge, the magazine of the Dutch Federation. I also contribute very frequently to Bridge Plus, the UK magazine. Occasional articles were published in: The Bridge World, Bridge Today, Le Bridgeur (French), IPBM, and Cartes sur table, the French-speaking magazine of Quebec.

No Fear Bridge - No Fear Bridge has been created by Leigh Harding to provide a variety of resources with the aim of making learning bridge easy and fun. Leigh Harding is an EBUTA professional teacher and has been teaching bridge for ten years. The site is operated on a subscription format for the student of bridge, who wishes online training for learning the game of bridge and is based heavily on the Acol bidding system.

Octopus Club - Relay Bridge System - This website is maintained by Mr. Giorgio Rivara and provides the visitor to contact him to discover more information about this particular Relay Bridge System. We also include the personal remarks of Mr. Giorgio Rivara about himself: "genovese, istruttore di bridge, si è dedicato all'elaborazione ed alla stesura dell'Octopus Club prendendo spunto dal sistema Ultimate Club pubblicato per la prima volta negli Stati Uniti nel 1981."

Paul Laving Postfree Bridge Books - Your source for Bridge Supplies, New and Second Hand Books and Bridge Memorabilia. Located in Australia, Paul Laving offers a categorized list of many bridge items, such as duplicate boards, bidding slips and cards. There is also a category for Recent Additions.

Peter Dunn's Pages for Bridge - Located in the United Kingdom Mr. Peter Dunn offers the visitor several items of interest such as books, hands of the month, holiday packages, and collectibles and curiosities. Among other things Mr. Peter Dunn also offers the following problem: Directing a holiday, I was called to a table. The bidding had gone 1 - 2 - 1. I explained the options, and 4th hand decided to accept the 1 insufficient bid which was then passed out(!). Before I got back to my seat, they called me again. Both defenders had led a card simultaneously, confused by the fact that both opponents had bid 1.

Pierce County Bridge Clubs: Sunrise Bridge Club, Lakewood Bridge Club, McChord Duplicate Bridge Club - The Sunrise Bridge Club, The Lakewood Bridge Club, and the McChord Duplicate Bridge Club meet at the Skyline Bridge Center at 2607 Bridgeport Way in University Place in Pierce County, city of Tacoma, Washington. These bridge clubs are members of Unit 451 of the ACBL and includes Pierce, Kitsap and southwestern King County.


PlayBridge Hand Generator - The playBridge Hand Generator's mission is to provide computer generated hands for bridge players. The hands can be totally random or fitting specific shape and strength requirements. Generated hands can be just enjoyed on the screen, printed in multiple formats or saved for later analysis. System Development and Maintenance by Jay Peak Systems.

Prism Signals - Mr. John Sheehan has created a Web site for bridge signals containing explanations and illustrations. Constructed in book format, he covers: Prologue, Foreword, Hand Patterns, Refraction, Simple Prisms, Two Couple Prisms, Three Little Trumps, Extras, First Discards, Proxy Suits, Parity Pairs, Individuals, One Suit Clapping and Epilogue.

Randy Corn's Home Page - Velcommen to Nauticom is the title of Randy Corn's Home Page. Excellent design and easy to navigate. Randy Corn has put a lot of effort into his Home Page and you should check it out. There is also an icon which the visitor can click on to order OKBridge personalized T-shirts.

Richard Pavlicek
This is the personal website of Mr. Richard Pavlicek, who has won 11 North American Bridge Championships. He is also a bridge columnist , composer of bridge puzzles, double-dummy problems, and other novelties, which have appeared in a variety of publications.

Rich Waugh - Rich Waugh is a professional Bridge Teacher/Player/Director who resides in Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale), Florida. He is presently an independently contracted Director at Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club, Pompano Beach Duplicate Bridge Club and the Lauderdale Yacht Club.

  • ACBL certified Director since 1982
  • American Bridge Teachers Association Certification, 1984
  • ACBL Life Master since 1987
  • Certified Director, Bridge America
  • Former Manager Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club
  • Former Board Member, ACBL Unit 243
  • Past President Garden City Bridge Club (New York)

Robert Frick - Essays on bidding theory, play, enjoyment, and handling emotions. Interactive Hands. Tutorials on squeezes and counting.


Ron Klinger - Mr. Ron Klinger of Sydney, Australia, introduces his Bridge Blog for members only. The visitor is requested to log in. Mr. Ron Klinger was editor of Australian Bridge for thirteen years since 1972, making it one of world's leading bridge magazines. He was also the Bridge Columnist for the Australian Women's Weekly and later, The Daily Telegraph and The Weekend Australian. He is currently the bridge columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and has a regular column in Australian Bridge magazine and Bridge Plus magazine in England.

Shore Bridge Club - Owned and managed by Martin de Bruin and located in Northfield, New Jersey.


Shrine Center Bridge Club
The Shrine Center Bridge Club celebrated its grand opening in April 2012. The bridge club was opened with two goals in mind, namely to attract players who enjoy a challenging game of bridge, and to provide a warm, friendly, clean and comfortable environment for the bridge player.

Simplicity Bridge - Owned and operated by Mr. Chris Hasney, who is a contract bridge Life Master, awarded based on performance in American Contract Bridge League club and tournament events. He is a certified bridge teacher and director, and a member of the American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA). He has co-authored four other books on bridge, several in collaboration with Mr. Jerry Pottier.

Ted's Bridge World - This website offers, in an amusing manner, many thought-provoking features of the game of bridge, such as Dante's Infernal, The Master Play, Puzzles, Esoterica, and Cartoons and Caricatures.

The Bridge Club for Yale College Students - The Bridge Club for Yale College Students runs free bridge lessons, weekly social and duplicate games, and hosts bridge tournaments for Yale College students and the Yale community. Its purpose is to promote bridge playing at Yale, teach new players, provide regular opportunities for duplicate and relaxed play, and to field a qualified team to represent Yale at intercollegiate bridge events. The Bridge Club was founded in October 2003.

Thomas Andrew's Bridge Fantasia - Very nicely done, especially with the graphic which catches your eye immediately. Thomas Andrew has divided his site into two parts: his and external links. His contribution deals with interesting Bridge Hands, Doubly Asymmetric Deals and Practicing Your Slam Bidding. His articles deal with statistical oddities regarding the Law of Total Tricks and his article about Marketing Bridge is humorous. Thomas Andrew also has under The Impossible Bridge Book all of the 53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 distinct bridge deals possible. You enter your number and the program finds your deal. Quite fascinating.

Tony Sowter - As a game, bridge is almost unique because there are so many possible deals. Almost without exception bridge players will tell you that they never stop learning. Every hand is different and presents different challenges. One of the main purposes of my internet site is to try and answer any bridge related question you have, whether is is about bidding or playing.

Unibridge Club - BBO Portugal - This is the website for online bridge players, who use the BBO-version. Originated and operated by Mr. Luis Carlos Batista Correia of Portugal. The site offers the visitor Ranking and Tourneys, Schedule, Conventions and Articles, and much more.

USABridge.com - USABridge.com is owned and operated by USA Bridge, LLC. Our mission is to provide you with quality information about bridge-related websites that serve North America.

Vu-Bridge - Vu-Bridge is the free, internet based Autobridge revival. Vu-Bridge is the 2011 web version of that box where you can play the hands from within your favorite web browser, PC or Mac.

White Stallion Ranch

White Stallion Ranch - PARTNER!, if you like play duplicate bridge and enjoy the idea of a new adventure, you'll want to be one of the first folks to sign up for this exciting new offering for our unique bridge vacation package at The Dude Ranch of Arizona ~ the White Stallion. Come, enjoy your favorite game and get a real true taste of the Old West. For program details and special room rates and options call Carol Moore, Reservations Director at 888 977-2624.

Whirlwind Bridge - Bridge is a game which can bring a lifetime of enjoyment. It is the perfect combination of mental challenge and social interaction. Whirlwind Bridge gives players with busy lives the most effective and convenient bridge learning experience possible, regardless of skill level. Offers bridge instruction and practice for players at all levels. Maintained and operated by Patty Tucker of Atlanta and Melissa Bernhardt.